PMC moving up in world of technology

34_pmclaura_1520PMC EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR  — Mark Jones, the Pondera Medical Center CEO stands with Laura Erickson RN, the PMC Employee of the Year. She is at the top of the list of people in the organization who literally has the answer to most everything at PMC, read part of her nomination.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




If you have been to the Pondera Medical Center (PMC) lately you have probably noticed some changes.

You may have also seen some different people working in the ancillary departments. This is all part of the first phase of PMC’s (Electronic Medical Records) EMR installation.

The extra people you see are employees from CPSI an Electronic Health Records company based in Mobile, Ala. Most of PMC’s ancillary departments are now using an EMR. Each department is set up with a computer module that works within their department and also communicates with other departments.

“The PMC is excited to be in the forefront of most Critical Access Hospitals in Montana. As most of you know Electronic Health Records are part of the government’s mandate of Health Care Reform,” Lisa Hanson, the Director of Business Development and Marketing explains.

At the PMC, Medicare has set up certain guidelines that every healthcare organization has to meet by 2015. Medicare will reimburse organizations for their implementations that meet their timelines and guides. The reimbursement should start for PMC approximately June 2012. The hospital has budged $1.2 million for this project.

The best way to describe how EMR will better serve our patients is to refer to PMCS Mission Vision and Value statement which states under Patient Centered Services;

“The Board and Employees of PMC Value a patient centered approach to developing and delivering quality services to our patients. We strive to design a holistic approach to care, facility changes based on needs of our patients and residents: efficient operational processes that are centered around the needs of the patient; and a safe environment that demonstrates dignity, confidentiality, compassion, respect and courtesy in interactions with patients, families, coworkers and our community members.”

The second phase of the EMR project is slated to begin in the Clinic this week. The clinic nurses will be able to electronically place orders to ancillary departments.

PMC providers will be using Computerized Physician Order Entry sometime in February.

The complication of the total EMR project is scheduled to be done by early 2013.