New modular assembly plant set to hire

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By Deanna Wakkinen, I-O Reporter

Lauren Engineers and Constructors out of Abilene, Texas has recently purchased 160 acres of land near Bynum where it is developing a modular construction facility.

The new plant will work in conjunction with Lauren’s fabrication facility in Abilene to construct and assemble modular equipment for shipment to western Canada and beyond. The modular components will be fabricated in Abilene and other locations and then shipped to the Bynum facility for assembly and transport.

The company has not signed any contracts as of yet but does anticipate having work available and the need for employees after their finished construction in the spring.

Lauren has leased a property in Choteau and will be accepting applications there beginning Jan. 23 on Mondays and Tuesdays. Jody Lee, corporate marketing director, states that they would like to see a large number of employees come from the local area. The demand of their contracts will reflect the number of current employees and supervisors that they will need to bring from corporate.

The company is geared at being ready for projects to begin right away and wants to have qualified individuals ready to hire. Lee comments they are “making plans as if we have secured work.”

There will be no housing provided on site, which means workers will likely travel from Conrad, Choteau and other surrounding areas. Mike Breed, Lauren Vice President, says, “We look forward to partnering with the local community to see that this plant has a positive impact on the residents of Bynum and the rest of the region.”

Lauren plans to offer competitive wages that match local pay scales and demand.

Lauren has extensive experience fabricating and assembling large modules at the company’s fabrication facility in Abilene. Building upon this experience, the Bynum facility will allow Lauren to offer its customers an attractive value proposition by reducing the cost of shipping fully assembled, large-scale modules into Canada.

Initially, Lauren will focus on providing modular services to the heavy-oil industry in western Canada.

Lauren provides engineering, procurement and construction services throughout a variety of heavy-industrial markets, including alternative energy, power, polymers, pulp and paper, oil and gas, special metals and material handling. For more information, visit their website