Automatic doors not necessary at Pondera Community Center

39_tiedup_0332TIED UP BABYSITTERS  — Ray Hough and Kira Mills performed their Humerous Duo skit on Monday night at the CHS Commons. Their skit wrapped around babysitting a 6-year-old ‘terror’ that managed to tie up the babysitter (Ray) and his friend (Kira). The Speech & Drama Team will perform this coming weekend at Divisionals held in Cut Bank.  I-O Photo by Barb Endler





Although he wasn’t the inspector on the newly remodeled Pondera Community Center building, Kyle Harlan of Inspection Services XI, LLC met with the commissioners on Wednesday.

There was an issue about the parking lot and the front entrance doors at the building and Harlan said he would do a walk-through of the facility and report back to the commissioners.

Earlier, apparently a driver parked across the sidewalk because another party had blocked the handicapped parking area while unloading.

There was some discussion on the lane width for parking. This will be talked about more in the spring and this summer the parking lot will be marked for further clarity.

In regards to the front entrance door, the state inspector would like to see automatic opening doors at the center.

Harlan advised the commissioners that automatic doors are not required for commercial buildings.

However, the doors still need to open to a 90 degree angle and then close to no more than 12 degrees after five seconds.

Harlan wondered if the certificate of occupancy had been received by the county and was advised it had been applied for but had not come in yet.

The commissioners had been advised by the architect, verbally, that the occupancy is between 245-250 occupants with a larger amount allowed after notifying the state.

Tom Hoover of Valier stopped by and left a report of gas and oil potential and development in the county for the commissioners to look over.

On a vote of 2-0, commissioners Joe Christiaens and Sandy Broesder approved for the Town of Valier, a request to install a snow fence, about 700 feet, by the airport property.

A bid of $5,400 was received from Heartland Mechanical to install a heating system (two heaters) at the Conrad road shop.

The bid includes heaters in opposite corners of the building, venting, and a gas supply line all materials and labor excluding any electrical supplies required and performed by a licensed electrician. On a 2-0 vote, commissioners approved the bid.

In a related matter, the commissioners also approved a bid for $1,650, also from Heartland Mechanical, for the installation of a wall heater in the county weed shop building.

An excavation agreement, requested by Pamect Oil, to engage in excavation on and under the Ledger Road for the purpose of replacing a flow line was approved.

Wayne Ashworth and Brian Garnett were appointed to three-year terms on the County Health board.

In order to muffle the echoing sound in the common area in the Pondera Center, the commissioners moved to purchase 40 to 50 panels, depending on size to be determined at a cost of between $2,500 and $3,000.

The panels can be purchased in 2x4 or 2x6 feet sizes and are installed in the same manner as hanging artwork.

Commissioner Broesder gave a report on a regional meeting she attended in Havre with the Joint Powers Trust, the county group health insurance provider.

In part she noted that a $50 gift card will still be given to participants who complete the annual health assessment and attend a wellness session.

Broesder said it was recommended that entities create a wellness committee to promote healthy habits, and with the beginning of the New Year, generic prescriptions will be paid for at 100 percent with no deductible nor co-pay and in February, the first four visits to JPT partner, Sapphire Psychiatric Health Care for emotional health issues, will be paid at 100 percent with no co-pay or deductible to meet.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. to conduct business. The public is always welcome to attend and see their government at work.