Police department puts a wrap on city activities

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

The Conrad Police Department put a wrap on the year 2011 as Chief Gary Dent presented a year-end report to the mayor and council members on Monday evening.

Over the past year the CPD received 2,241 calls for service, up slightly from 2010 when there were 2,228. However, it is nowhere near the record set in 2006 when the department took in 2,722 calls.

It is interesting to note that the number of formal complaints for 2011 was 269, exactly the same as in 2010, but it is not close to the record number of complaints filed, 286 in 2006.

The CPD cleared 78 percent of all complaints filed.

Officers were a little more tolerant over the past year, issuing 347 warnings, up from 316 in 2010. The high for warnings given out is 496 and that was in 2004.

Officers did 1,154 residential security checks, investigated 30 ‘major’ accidents and logged in 41,703 miles driven over the past year.

Traffic citations and misdemeanor arrests are processed through the City Court Judge, Al Farnstrom.

Misdemeanor arrests for those under the age of 15 are referred to the Juvenile Probation officer rather than the judge and felony arrests are referred to the District Court.

There were 74 reported domestic incidents last year, the most since 2000 when there were 81. After that domestic incidents went down and stayed in the 60s with the exception of two years.

Over the past year, officers made 389 arrests, 19 for felonies, 184 misdemeanors and 186 for traffic.

Overall arrests were down from 459 in 2010. Felony arrests were up from 11 to 19. Traffic arrests were down from 252 in 2010 to 186 last year and misdemeanor arrests were down from 196 in 2010 to 184.

Police Officers and Chief Dent participate in a wide variety of crime prevention and  community service activities which include NNO (National Night Out), bike safety, Traffic Safety Reward program, DARE, Halloween safety, Red Ribbon Week festivities, home and business security checks and a vehicle lock-out service.

They also participate in Child-find Fingerprinting and ID Program, Safe-House Program, Stranger Danger, the TIP Line (Turn In a Pusher) as well as give a number of crime prevention talks to groups.

The Conrad police force is comprised of Chief Dent, Police Sergeant Jason Korst, Patrolman II Scott Holbrook, Patrolmen I Ted Thornton and Asa Baiz and part-time Officer Joe Leggett.