Political letters and Ad information

The games have begun. This political season is just going to be crazy.

This is a reminder to everyone who wants to endorse a candidate, by “Letter to the Editor” it is going to cost you $10.

The I-O will not be billing for endorsement letters, they have to be paid for up front. Since it is considered advertising, after the name of the person who wrote the letter it will be marked PdAd in eight point type (PdAd).

Letters that are over 50 words will have an additional charge by the column inch, yet to be determined.

Display Ads for the paper have a Friday deadline of 5 p.m. and classified Ads have a deadline of Monday at noon.

The I-O will still take Ads after those deadlines, however, there will be a 25 percent late-charge.

If you have any questions or need more information about the political Letters to the Editor, contact Editor Buck Traxler at 271-5561. For questions about the Ads, contact our Ad Manager, Barb Endler at the same phone number.




Obituary news

As other papers, dailies and weeklies, began the trend of charging for obituaries, The I-O remained steadfast in not charging for obituaries.

However, we can no longer do that and will have to start charging $20 for a full obituary which includes a photo.
The effective date for this is Feb. 2.

The I-O will not charge for a basic obituary which will include the person’s name and service and burial information.