CASA/GAL lands 3 Rivers grant

42_3rivers-casa_1815NICE CHECK  — From the left, 3 Rivers Cheryl Sawyer, board member Mike Mills, and Dave Gibson, CEO of 3 Rivers, present a Community Enhancement Grant check in the amount of $1,300 to Stacy Eneboe, president of Front Range CASA/GAL. The funding will help CASA to advocate for abused and neglected children in the Ninth Judicial District.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler





Friday morning, members of the 3 Rivers Community Enhancement Grant Program presented CASA/GAL with a check for $1,300.

Stacy Eneboe, president of the Front Range CASA/GAL, who received the grant, commented, “The funds will allow us to continue to advocate for abused and neglected children in the Ninth Judicial District.”

Dave Gibson, 3 Rivers Communications general manager and CEO tells the I-O, “We are pleased to present grants like these. This is a key element of the cooperatives’ vision and Strategic Plan to assist in promoting a community’s well being in our service areas.”

3 Rivers Communications was formed as a cooperative and strongly believes in the cooperative principals.

Keeping that in mind, the board of trustees implemented a Community Enhancement Grant Program.

Any non-profit entity may apply with funding to be provided to bona-fide community organizations.

A written proposal outlining use of the funds is required before any application will be considered.

Organizations must demonstrate, through the application process, specific, measurable ways in which the grant  is projected to benefit the community.

Since the grant program began in 2005 there have been 66 grants awarded to 25 groups within the 3 Rivers communities for a total of $125,000.

Grants given to entities in Conrad have totaled $16,800 and they include the Pondera Regional Port Authority, Pondera Arts Council, Golden Triangle Gymnastics Club, Nu Keil Park, Pondera Medical Center, and the Front Range CASA/GAL.