Local talent show March 4

Submitted to the I-O by Helen Elliott

A fantastic local talent show sponsored by the Pondera Arts Council is scheduled at the Orpheum Theatre/Wiegand Auditorium on March 4 at 3 p.m. Private music teacher Helen Elliott indicated this “great, fantastic show,” will be one of the best ever.

There will be 17 skits with a new performance of the stars Dick Kinyon and Wendy Paulsen from the recent murder/mystery The Butler Did It which will be featured in several skits done by Carole Burnett and Tim Conway. These comedy selections about The Old Folks brought down the house many years ago.

Other talented musicians, David and Jane Arends, will be playing the violin and guitar plus singing two vocal duets.

You won’t want to miss the following performers who sing and play the piano. They include Kit Kinlayson, Jan Carter, Bernice Paisley, Elli and Shannon Garmon, Cynthia Ries as Patsy Cline, Cary Combs and the quintet of JoAnn Cobb, Jaynie Gollehon, Phyllis Philipps, Cheri Majerus and Ries. The fabulous accompanist Ernestine Olson will also be there.

Where else could you hear all these entertainers? Remember, it’s at the Orpheum Theatre on March 4 at 3 p.m.

George Tornga, Orpheum manager, says, “I’m very excited about the program. If I weren’t running the lights and sound, I would be one of the Old Folks!”

Tickets may be purchased at Olson’s Drug, Creative Addictions or the Orpheum.