Prairie View students help celebrate new library books

45_library061NEW BOOKS  — Students from Prairie View School check some of the new books the library was able to purchase through a recent grant.  Photo courtesy of the Conrad Library




The Conrad Public Library has been the recipient of a Libri Foundation grant.

The Books for Children grant is awarded to small rural libraries. “This is the second time the Conrad library has received the grant,” commented Carolyn Donath, librarian.

The Libri foundation was established in 1989. It is a nationwide non-profit organization that donates new quality hardcover books to small, rural libraries.

Since October 1990, the  Foundation has donated over $5 million worth of children’s books.

The Conrad library was able to choose approximately 80 books from the Libri Foundation lists.

The list has over 700 books to choose from and is highly rated and many are award winners.

The library chose the most current books, getting both Easy  Readers and Juvenile books, both fiction and non-fiction.

The library was also presented with an extra $350 to purchase current math and science books.

The total award was about $1,400. The only matching funds   required were donated by the Conrad Public Library Foundation and they donated $350.

One of the requirements of the grant is to present the books to the public.

Once a month the entire PVS comes to the library to choose books for the month. This is about 75 students.

The library had treats and prizes for the students on Friday. “It was a big success,” said Donath.