County passes resolutions allowing ballot issues to levy taxes on June ballot

45_stevedaine_1981FILES FOR CONGRESS  — a bit of history got to be witnessed Tuesday morning at the Home Café as Bozeman businessman Steve Daines for Montana’s lone Congressional seat. It is the first and only time that someone has filed for a national office in Conrad. From the left in front is Steve Daines completing the filing paperwork and notary public Laurie Eisenzimer. In the back is his wife of 24 years, Cindy Daines and Pondera County Commission Chairman Cynthia Johnson.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler





Commissioners moved on and passed three resolutions on Wednesday that will allow tax levy issues to be placed on the June primary ballot.

The first one, R-24 deals with the Pondera County Regional Port Authority in promoting economic development in the county. Taxpayers may choose to vote for or against having the commissioner’s levy up to four mills on all taxable property within the county for 10 years beginning with the tax year 2014.

The impact in tax dollars would be imposed on residences in the county is expected to be $10.47 for a $200,000 home, $5.24 for a $100,000 home and $2.62 on a home of $50,000.

R-25 passed and will allow voters to approve or disapprove an additional mill levy to provide up to $20,894 each year beginning in 2012 for the next 10 years.

The purpose is for funding the purchase of fire trucks and/or equipment by the Pondera County Rural Fire District and for increased safety and protection of all Pondera County rural residents and their property.

The impact in tax dollars on residences in the District would be $5.41 for a $200,000 home, $2.71 for a $100,000 home and $1.35 for a $50,000 home.

R-26 is a ballot issue to levy taxes on all property owners in order to provide funding for the Valier Public Library.

Voters may approve or disapprove an additional mill levy to provide $69,500 each year, plus an inflationary factor allowed by Montana law, beginning with the tax year 2014 for eight years.

The purpose of the funding is for the operations of the Valier Library.

The financial impact on a home having a market value of $50,000 is estimated to be $3.27 for each year of the levy, $6.55 on a home valued at $100,000 and $13.10 for a home having a market value of $200,000.

All three resolutions passed on a 3-0 vote of the commissioners.

These are all ballot issues that will be approved or disapproved by county taxpayers. The commissioners passed the resolutions allowing them to be on the ballot.

In other business, the commissioners received two bids for seamless gutters for the Pondera Center on Virginia St.

One was from Morris Rain Gutters for $343.75 and the other from Peter Hauer Construction for $300.

On a vote of 3-0, commissioners accepted the bid of Hauer Construction.

Commissioners also approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Toole County which becomes effective July 1.

Toole County will be the lead agency of the transit system which will include Pondera, Glacier and Toole transit.

According to commission chairman Cyndi Johnson, the MOU will enhance the quality of life, especially those of low-income, the disadvantaged or disabled, by providing transportation services that would not otherwise be available.

The approval of the MOU is required at this time in order to apply for grant funding.

In addition, commissioners approved a transportation maintenance plan for the bus to be purchased in order for Pondera County to participate in the regional transit system.

The approval, like the MOU, is required at this time in order to apply for grant funding.

The commissioners also approved two board appointments; Joel Johns was re-appointed to the County Weed District board and Kory Thomas will complete the term of Mark Taliaferro ending Dec. 31, 2012.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. to conduct county business.

The public is always invited and encouraged to attend and see their government at work.