Stockman Bank issues challenge to raise funds for Orpheum

Stockman Bank is proud to announce a “challenge” to the entire community of Conrad and the surrounding area to help raise funds for the Pondera Arts Council to purchase a new digital movie projector for the Orpheum Theatre.

Stockman Bank has agreed to contribute up to $20,000 if the challenge is met. The challenge consists of every $1 raised by the community, Stockman Bank will match it with $0.50, up to a maximum donation of $20,000.

Since reel-to-reel movies will no longer be available this fall, the Orpheum Theatre is in great need of a digital projector in order to show any movies going forward.

The approximate cost to replace the old reel with a new digital projector is over $60,000. If Stockman Bank’s challenge is fully met, the total amount raised between Stockman and the community will be $60,000.

“It is truly gratifying to contribute to an enhancement that will touch so many lives in and around Pondera County,” comments Dan Majerus, Branch President of Stockman Bank in Conrad.

He went on to add, “I’m very excited the bank can be a part of this, as I know it will bring many great benefits to our community and the entire area.”

Stockman Bank’s roots run deep in Montana.

Since 1953, they have been serving Ag-producers, local businesses and consumers with secure, competitive and convenient banking products. Stockman Bank supports strong education, health care and both economic and cultural development in the communities they serve.

Supporting the Pondera Arts Council and Orpheum Theatre is just another way Stockman Bank gives back to their local communities.