PMC Wellness Center to see expansion

By Deanna Wakkinen, I-O Reporter

The Pondera Medical Center’s Wellness Center will be closed from noon on March 26 to noon on April 2 as it undergoes remodeling work. The area will receive new carpet that will also make its way into the old health department area.

The area where the old health department used to be, until its move into the new community center, also known as the Pondera Center, will soon hold three additional office spaces for the Physical Therapy Department. There will also be a conference/education room and a room for a massage therapist.

So far the Physical Therapy Department has brought Jennifer Marsicano of The Nu Body Retreat on board as their new massage therapist. She will continue to work under her business name and will be contracted through PMC. She will complete her move from her location in the old Arnot’s Building by May 1 and can be reached at 450-3178 to make appointments.

The Department is continuing their search for a new physical therapist to help take on the heavy patient load and Lisa Hanson, Director of Business Development, says that she has seen the business quadruple in size in the past four years.

Currently there are two physical therapists, Jayme Williams and Jamyne Richardson as well as three physical therapy assistants. They currently service patients not only in the Conrad area but in Choteau, Sunburst, Browning and beyond.

One of the new offices for the Physical Therapy department will offer a wound care area, which is a field that Richardson is specially trained in.

New tile will also be installed in the old health department and the old main reception area will be the new group exercise area. Charlene Bouma, PTA and manager of the Wellness Center, says she hopes to offer classes in the near future. Classes would vary and could include pilates, yoga and more.

The upcoming Fish Fry Benefit hosted by PMC will raise money for many projects including the purchase of a new leg press machine for the Wellness Center. The group is planning on eventually adding showers and a locker room area to the existing bathrooms.