Pondera Center in compliance

Recently the question was raised by an individual as to whether or not the new Pondera Community Center at 311 S. Virginia was in compliance with the American Disabilities Act.

Building inspector Kyle Harlan met with the commissioners on Wednesday and stated that the Center is in compliance and that he had talked with the individual, advising him that compliance has been met.

On a vote of 3-0, commissioners moved to pay the attorney fees of $76 for services rendered as defense counsel for Kara Thompson, Clerk of Court. To date, $3,866.86 in legal fees has been paid.

Sheriff Tom Kuka requested an extension of time for Joan Farnstrom to use her excess annual leave hours due to staff shortages at the PCSO.

State law allows a public employee to accumulate annual vacation leave totaling not more than two times the maximum number of days earned annually.

Hours in excess of the two year allowable accrual would be forfeited by the employee unless used by March 31 or an extension of time to use the excess is granted.

Commissioners, one a 3-0 vote, moved to grant an extension of time for Farnstrom to use excess leave hours.

The commissioners named Sheriff Kuka or an individual he appoints, to represent the county and conduct an auction for a PCSO vehicle deemed as surplus property.

The public auction will take place on March 28, 10 a.m. on the front steps of the courthouse.

All three commissioners will be gone that day, attending meetings of the Montana Association Road Supervisors.