Benefits for students involved in activities during their school years

Submitted by Craig Barringer, Superintendent of Schools

With the school year being more than half way completed we can see the value of our students taking advantage of the extra-curricular activities offered at school and in the community.

The high school offers 26 activities that students can be a part of. These include everything from athletic activities to Art Clubs and FFA. The middle school also offers 26 different activities which include opportunities such as glass blowing, Math counts, and sports teams.

Our community offers many activities that our youth can take advantage of. These are open to students of all ages, and they are offered throughout the year.

National and local statistics show that students who are involved in activities outside the classroom are more likely to experience success in school, more likely to graduate from high school, and are less likely to have discipline issues at school.

At Conrad High School, last year, we had a 266 percent participation rate in extracurricular activities. Students at CHS who participated in extracurricular activities averaged a 3.075 GPA, as compared to the entire student body GPA average of 2.81.

At Utterback Middle School we had a 365 percent participation rate in extra-curricular activities last school year.

The opportunities to be involved are there, and to those who take advantage of the variety of opportunities, the likelihood of their success grows. The next time your child says there is nothing to do, encourage him or her to take advantages of the chances we do have. You will see the increased level of his/her self-esteem, grades, attendance, and many other positive experiences that go with being involved.