Regional and State Science Fair awards

49_science_sheridan-jennaOUT STAIN, OUT!  – Sheridan Johnson and Jenna Barker won Purple and Blue ribbons at the Regional Science Fair and received a Gold medal at the State Fair in Missoula.  Photo courtesy of UMS





The Regional Science Fair was held at the Great Falls Civic Center on Feb. 29.  The fair hosted students from around North Central Montana in grades 6-12.  Utterback Middle School had 26 students compete with 15 projects in Earth, Physical and Life Science categories.  The students competed well and earned a number of awards.

The following awards were earned at the Regional Science Fair:

2nd Place Biological Science 8th Grade Team was Abby Moerkerke and Emily Harwood with Preserving the Future. Harwood and Moerkerke also earned a Merit Award in Microbiology.

4th Place Physical Science 7th Grade Team was Sheridan Johnson and Jenna Barker with The Stain Specialists.

Cale Ostrom earned a Merit Award in Botany for What Fertilizer Grows Peas Best? Hannah Richey and Andrea Awtrey earned a Merit Award in Behavioral and Social Science for Good Vibrations.

Yazmine Peterson earned an Outstanding Project for the Air Force, with a certificate to have lunch with the Malmstrom Air Force Base Wing Commander, her project was What Impact Does it Make? Simple or Complex.

Ribbons earned at the Regional Science Fair were:

Purple/Blue—Emily Harwood, Abby Moerkerke, Sheridan Johnson, Jenna Barker.

Blue—Cale Ostrom, Andrea Awtrey, Hannah Richey, Gabby Bender, Cashley Redd, Clark Judisch, Logan Garman, Keely Byrnes, Kyleigh Salois, Yazmine Peterson, Minda Baldwin, Delaney Gilbert.

Red—Hunter Mycke, Cooper Dailey, Jenae Johns, Hunter Shepherd, Trace Jochems, Eric Harwood, Cordell Wittmier, Bert Paulsen, Kyle Murack, Patrick Lamb.

State Science Fair was held on campus at the University of Montana in Missoula on March 19-20. This fair hosted around 600 students from around the state of Montana in grade 6-12.

Logan Garman and Clark Judisch earned 3rd Place 8th Grade Physical Science Team Overall at State Science Fair.  This is an outstanding achievement because the competition is very tough at the State Science Fair.

Ribbons earned at the State Science Fair were:

Gold—Logan Garman, Clark Judisch.

Silver—Sheridan Johnson, Jenna Barker, Cale Ostrom, Emily Harwood, Abby Moerkerke, Andrea Awtrey, Hannah Richey, Gabby Bender, Cashley Redd, Eric Harwood, Cordell Wittmier, Hunter Shepherd, Trace Jochems, Yazmine Peterson, Jenae Johns, Minda Baldwin, Delaney Gilbert.

Bronze—Patrick Lamb, Bert Paulsen, Kyle Murack, Keely Byrnes, Kyleigh Salois, Cooper Dailey, Hunter Mycke.

Editor’s note This article was submitted by Monica Tomayer. The science team is coached by Tomayer. Please go to, faculty and Tomayer for additional pictures.