Lack of support kills Rec Complex in Valier

Readers will recall that in November 2011, the county commissioners approved a lease agreement, of county-owned Valier Airport property to a group working to establish a Valier Recreation Complex.

Since that time, the Town of Valier surveyed its residents to see if the proposed complex was something they wanted to pursue.

In addition, a town council meeting was conducted and the agenda included the survey and the complex. It was found that the citizens did not support the complex.

Tom Hoover met with the commissioners on Wednesday and presented an overview of what was presented to the Town of Valier council and stated the project has been abandoned due to negative feedback from the community of Valier.

Based on lack of support for the project in the Valier community, Commissioner Joe Christians moved to rescind the board’s Nov. 11 approval to lease county-owned Valier Airport property to the town of Valier for the recreational project.

Commissioner Sandy Broesder gave the motion a second and it passed on a 3-0 vote, the third vote coming from Chairman Cynthia Johnson.

In other business, on a light agenda, the rural fire district trustees were declared elected by acclamation.

Montana law provides that if the number of candidates is equal to or less than the number of positions to be elected, the election administrator may cancel the election.

In such a case, the county governing body shall declare election by acclamation of each candidate who filed a nominating petition for a position. Keith Hruska and Ernie Boumans each filed a petition for nomination.

In accordance with the Montana stature, Commissioner Broesder moved to declare Hruska and Boumans elected by acclamation for a term of three years.

There was a second from Christians and the motion passed on a 3-0 vote.

Korey Thomas was appointed to the weed board.

An excavation agreement with Ray and Sharon Stoetzel was OK’d.

Excavation will be on and under the north end of Spur Road where it meets Granite for the purpose of installing an irrigation system at the south end of Spur Road just beyond Tony Fowler Road for the purpose of installing a six-inch irrigation line to the property south of Fowler Road.

The county commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. to conduct business. The public is always encouraged to attend and watch their government in action.