UnionTown’s New Miami well producing in Pondera

52_uniontown_wellOIL UP  — A UnionTown Well No. 2 is in operation at the New Miami Colony. There are five other wells in production.  Photo for the I-O courtesy of Darryl Flowers, Fairfield Sun Times




Submitted to the I-O by Darryl Flowers, Fairfield Sun Times

On Saturday afternoon, UnionTown’s New Miami well in Pondera County was observed in production.

Since permanent power has not yet been connected, the Well was being operated under power from a diesel generator.

During the visit, gas was observed being “flared” at the site.

“We can confirm that the New Miami 42-20H is on pump with some more testing going on. We have an injection well also happening on this one,” said Patrick Smyth, vice president of finance when asked about the well status Monday morning via email.

“There is some product now being delivered from 42-20H to the refinery, and as we move through the gas and liquid and by the end of next week, we should be clearer on the numbers that we will be pumping daily,” Smyth said.

He said the company is working on the permits for Well 3 as well as a rig to do the drilling. Plans call for a 17-well program at the New Miami property.

Asked about UnionTown’s listing on a European stock exchange, Smyth said, “The new listing in Europe is still being finalized and we are waiting on some more information from a regulatory perspective before making any announcements about the structure of the market or shares.”

He went on to add, “We are working on additional financings to address the resumption of drilling on our Teton River project and exploration on our other properties.

In order to carry out these kinds of financings, we must make sure that all of the details of the corporate reorganization are perfect, hence the additional time required.”

Primary Petroleum this week issued an update on the company’s drilling program in the Pondera-Teton “Project” located in the Southern Alberta Basin-Bakken Fairway.

According to the update, Primary  has completed drilling, coring and logging of the six vertical stratigraphic test wells as part of the Phase I Joint Venture Exploration Program in Pondera and Teton counties.

The vertical depth of the six wells ranged from 4,200 feet to 6,500 feet with at least 120 foot section of core taken from the Bakken System in each well.

Production casing has been set in two wells to test the Bakken System for the planning phase of the horizontal program and to test the conventional or secondary reservoirs.

The company and its JV Partner continue their analysis of the data collected from the Bakken system and conventional reservoirs.

Once all of the data from the vertical program has been evaluated a more disseminated prior to the commencement of the horizontal program.

Based on the data collected from the vertical test wells, the partners agreed to move forward on a secondary drilling and production-testing program of up to four vertical wells.

This secondary program will evaluate conventional Nisku, Sun River and Sunburst reservoirs. This program will commence immediately and be completed prior to the commencement of the Phase I horizontal program.

The JV Partner is formulating plans to secure a drilling rig and major services for the upcoming horizontal-drilling program to production test the Bakken System formations.

The horizontal program is expected to begin in late June or early July.

Primary is continuing a program acquiring land in the company’s area of interest.