Grammar named District 10 Teacher of the Year

01_grammer_5508TEACHER OF THE YEAR  — Superintendent of Schools Craig Barringer presents Gavin Grammar with the Teacher of the Year award on April 18.  I-O Photo by Deanna Wakkinen




By Deanna Wakkinen, I-O Reporter

The annual Employee Recognition program was held on April 18 to honor teachers and district employees who have exemplified outstanding character, honesty, loyalty and integrity with the ability to get along with faculty, staff and students.

The Outstanding Teacher of the Year award was presented to Conrad High School teacher Gavin Grammar. He was nominated by fellow staff for his calm and steady personality, his contributions to the Close Up program and his great communication with all groups of people.

The outstanding teacher of the year will be forwarded to the state teacher of the year program.

The last five Teachers of the Year were Barb Brownell, 2010-2011; Karen Lee, 2009-2010; Carol Mielke, 2008-2009; Janie McFarland, 2007-2008 and Carol Brownell, 2006-2007.

The 2011-12 Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year award went to Byron Carter for his 13 years as a substitute and activities bus driver. Along with his nomination from staff, over 50 students nominated him as well and a portion of those students were on hand to deliver his award. Of all the comments given by those who nominated him, it was noted that his untiring energy helps him go above and beyond his call of duty and he is respected by all.

The Employees of the Year for the last five years were, Carol J. Johns, 2010-2011; Tammy Totdahl, 2009-2010; Ed Corder, 2008-2009; Brenda Slezak, 2007-2008 and Roxy Zomer 2006-2007.

Three teachers are retiring from the district. Leona Linn, Debby Perry and Carol Brownell were all recognized for their many years of teaching and service. Craig Barringer, Superintendent of Schools, commented that Linn is a great advocate for kids. He also commented that Perry has very tough shoes to fill and Brownell spent every day teaching for her life, whether it’s was day one or day 181.

Bonnie Kronebusch is retiring after nearly 40 years in the school district, 30 of those as a substitute teacher. Her fellow teachers commented that she is more than just a substitute, she is a member of the staff.

Ruby Bouma was recognized for 50 years of substitute teaching. It was noted that she has a great dedication to learning.

During the presentation, Barringer hosted a questionnaire for teachers and staff that included a few fun facts. One was that in all of Linn’s years of teaching, she has only taken one day of sick time. She has 1,902.5 hours of sick leave left which equal to 238 days.

It was also announced that Tyler Bucklin finished ahead of 85 percent of the participants during his run in the Boston Marathon.