Conrad now recycling by the bale

03_1stbaleCONRAD'S FIRST BALE  — The first corrugated cardboard bale to be delivered to the recycling plant in Great Falls.  Photo courtesy of Andrea Colesworthy

By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

A meeting held May 3 at the Pondera County Courthouse in Conrad for the monthly Pondera County Recycling Coalition focused on the new Corrugated Cardboard Recycling program, and new cardboard baler.

The new Cardboard Recycling Program is located at 601 N. Main Street in Conrad where new recycling bins will be placed on June 1.

LeAnn Hermance, President of the Pondera Recycling Coalition, said “We want to bring community awareness to this new program and the new baler and where and what they can recycle.”  She stated one of the important things to know was the difference between cardboard.

“Corrugated cardboard is different from the pressed paper most people associate with cardboard. It has to have the weave in it” Soda containers, cereal boxes, Kleenex boxes all get associated with cardboard, but as Hermance said, “those thinner cardboard boxes are actually pressed paper and we are not taking them at this time.”

The new trailer, cardboard baler and specific equipment related to the corrugated cardboard recycling project were supported in part by a DEQ Hub and Spoke grant of $100,000.

Hermance said, “We still want everyone to know they can continue to go to the Dakota Street S. location to recycle paper, newspapers, magazines, and phonebooks.”  The hours on the 300 Dakota location are Fridays only from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Hermance added, “when recycling phonebooks, remember to remove the spirals and plastic covers.”

The paper Recycling Program began in November 2009, with a $50 donation from an anonymous community member.

This last week, 11,000 pounds of paper was taken down to Great Falls and 58 tons have been diverted from the landfill just since the program began.

The coalition also reminds the community that money received from the program goes back into the community.

Electronic waste is still being taken down at Pacific Recycling, located at 1624 12th Ave. North in Great Falls for a charge.