Stockman Bank presents workshop for students on how to save money

By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

Stockman Bank is teaching CHS seniors all about the importance of Financial Literacy.

Stockman Bank presenters Vanessa Bucklin and Ranae Bouma will be presenting to CHS seniors on May 9 from 1-3 p.m.  as part of the National Teach Children to Save Day.

Bucklin and Bouma will be instructing seniors on using credit wisely and business etiquette.  This presentation will expose all high school seniors to the basics of building good credit, balancing check books, budgeting their money, dressing appropriate for a job interview and work, and understanding basic business etiquette like shaking a person’s hand when being introduced.

“Studies show that kids are not learning the skills they need to make smart financial decisions as adults,” said Dan Majerus, president of Stockman Bank Conrad. He went on to say, “Communities and schools teach other life skills, such as driving a car, but we do not spend enough time teaching financial skills.  Bankers are in the schools today to help fill the gap and prepare future customers for financial success.”

Stockman Bank is proud to participate in National Teach Children to Save and help educate students on the importance of saving for their future.