Councilman Syvertson tenders resignation

03_torch_2322HOLDER OF THE TORCH  — Dottie Henderson, center, holds the Special Olympics torch and is set to run down Main Street with it for local athlete’s portion of the torch run. The Special Olympics torch is on its’ way to Great Falls where the Olympics will take place.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

City council chairman Sandy Syvertson submitted a resignation letter to the council at the Monday meeting, effective May 31.

The councilman has served under three mayors, Byron Grubb, John Shevlin, and Wendy Judisch. His last regular council meeting will be May 21.

Syvertson is also the Cowgirl softball coach and he will end that career when the current season is over.

In other business, a number of building permits, both residential and commercial were announced. They will deal mostly with fencing and a shed. The council did not vote on them, all were previously approved.

There was a water contract transfer approved by the council, from Selman Holm to Karli Clark.

Two reports were presented, one from Public Works Director Rich Anderson, the other from Chief Gary Dent.

Anderson reported that crews are working on Front Street and are ready to chip seal, bathrooms in the parks are ready to go, some spraying has been done, the spring sewer clean up has started and Arbor Day tree planting is coming up.

Chief Dent said his department received 181 calls for service in  April.

In part, there were nine suspicious people calls, six domestic calls, five accidents and two calls involving weapons, eight assists to the ambulance crews, one building found open and 11 citations written.

In a related topic, aldermen approved the use of the Conrad Lions Swimming Pool Park for National Night Out on Aug. 7. It was announced that Pastor Larry Goyotte will replace Pastor Mike Sculley on the Juvenile Enforcement Committee.

Bids will be opened at the June 4 council meeting for the remodeling job at city hall.

There was some good news for swimmers, there will be no increase in swimming fees except for birthday parties which will go up from $50 to $75.

A safety issue, this increase will allow a second guard to be at the pool during the parties. Lap swimming will have an increase from $2 to $3. It was also noted that Derek VanLuchene will be the head life guard for the summer season.

The council appointed Kevin Moritz as Fire Chief and Keith Hruska as assistant Fire Chief.

Aldermen approved $3,750 from the Genevieve Rankin Foundation to purchase a 4-wheeler for the Park and Recreation department.

Rika Lashley, a water/wastewater engineer for Morrison Maierle in Helena gave a power-point presentation on removing sludge from the lagoons.

She noted it was difficult to estimate the cost, however, M&M estimated it would be around $1,100,000. Depending on the way it is done, machinery used and other factors, the cost for sludge removal could be as little at $620,000 to as high as $3.23 million. And in between those figures. No action on this was taken by the council.

Street closures and garbage truck use for the Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club were OK’d for Whoop-Up on June 2-3.

A 25-year agreement with NorthWestern Energy was approved in regard to natural gas distribution.

The city council meets for their regular meeting on the first and third Monday of each month in city hall, 411-1/2 S. Main Street at 7:30 p.m.

The public is always welcomed and encouraged to attend and view their local government at work. There is no charge for these public meetings.