Business Spotlight on Mane Barber Shop

03_mane-barber_4194SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS  — Conrad’s barber Dana Baldwin at the Mane Barber Shop, cuts a customer’s hair in one of her 100-year-old barber chairs.  I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal

By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

An old fashioned barber pole and antique chairs make up the unique little barber shop on Main St.

Dana Baldwin, owner of Mane Barber Shop, located at 313 S. Main St. in Conrad, gives us a peek at the only Barber shop in town.  “As far as I know, this has been a barber shop for over 50 years.  Gene Irwin had it, then Marvin White for 15 or so years, then Dale Clay for two years.  My husband Doug and I took over the shop in May 1984.  Both Doug and I were barbers at that time, but Doug left for another job, and I’m the current owner now.”

As far as other employees, Baldwin is pretty much the one and only.  She said, “Except for an occasional person filling in for me, I have been the only one working here.”

Baldwin says she chose the Conrad location because back when she purchased the shop, both her parents lived here.  She said they thought it would be good to live here just for a short time. Twenty eight years later, Baldwin is still here and always has a chair and clippers ready.

The Mane Barber Shop mission statement is, “To give good, reasonably priced haircuts, treating everyone with kindness.”  Baldwin appears to have a reputation for doing just that. She has a steady stream of business.

Baldwin says her business is unique because as far as she knows, she is the only licensed “barber” in the county, and she says, “It’s the only place you can still just walk in for an old fashioned hair cut and sit in hundred year old barber chairs.”

When asked what services she provides she said, “I cut hair, do some French braiding.  I cut bangs and beards for free.” She also stated that she hands out candy and balloons to all the kids and gives certificates for first time haircuts for the little ones.

Baldwin donates to many fundraisers in the form of free haircuts.  She also offers free coffee to anyone who just wants to sit and chat, and she says, “My advice is free.”

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