Aaberg’s health class participates in BSFK program

05_bsfk-2982FITNESS GROUP  — Different types of workouts inspired these Conrad students to compete within the class and in the Big Sky Fit Kids program. From the left are Lucas Fowler, Blaine Berg, Kelsey Stubbs, Jake Bender, Kelci Watterud, Ryan Thornton, Austin Brauer, Cari Lytle, Meranda Marreel, Tyler Padilla, Elli Garman, Nicole Sasek, Kira Mills, Instructor Sandra Corbett, Jayde Richardson, Robert Krolnik and Stacy Aaberg. Hiding in the photo is Tia Zimbelman. Photo courtesy of Superintendent Craig Barringer





By Stacy Aaberg, CHS Health Instructor

Students in Stacy Aaberg’s Health Enhancement class participated in a new free physical activity and nutrition program of the Big Sky State Games called Big Sky Fit Kids (BSFK).

The BSFK campaign encourages youth within our community to live a healthy lifestyle. The BSFK program encourages teams of young Montanans to accumulate miles in the form of physical activity and engage in friendly competition against their peers throughout the state.

Students started recording miles March 1 and completed the activity on April 30.  Each team member recorded their miles on a log sheet and then I report these miles to the state monthly.  Every 12 minutes of vigorous activity equaled one mile.

Each team that reported their mileage to the Big Sky State Games through the BSFK website was entered into a drawing for one of three $500 awards to be presented to the school.

Throughout the three months I encouraged my students to stay active and to continually increase their amount of activity.  Students that once led a sedentary lifestyle began trying to increase their activity level on a daily basis.

On May 3, the class attended a field trip to The Peak Wellness Center in Great Falls, courtesy of the Conrad Community Education Foundation (CCEF).

The students used this day to wrap up their competition and enjoy some activities that they wouldn’t be exposed to on a daily basis.  Students completed several different workouts ranging from Zumba to Spinning classes and racquet ball instruction.

Exposing students to different types of workouts will hopefully inspire them to stay active throughout their lifetime and encourage them to continue in physical activity on all, or most, days of the week.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) children and adolescents should take part in 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day.  This should included aerobic, muscle strengthening, and bone strengthening exercises.  For more information pertaining to these areas of exercise please visit:  http://www.cdc.gov/

Recently our class recognized those who went above and beyond throughout the three months.  Ryan Thornton took first overall in our class by completing 1, 560 miles.  He received a three month membership at the Pondera Medical Center (PMC) Wellness Center.  Cari Lytle came in second with 1,321.5 miles and received a one month membership to the PMC Wellness Center. Placing third with 1,317 miles was Lucas Fowler.  He received a BSFK T-shirt and Blaine Berg received a gym bag from The Buckle for his 1,222 miles. Overall the students in our class placed in the top five throughout the state of Montana with 11,949 miles completed.  Our overall average was 254.23 miles a month.

In order to fully implement this program effectively and participate in our field trip to The Peak Wellness Center we were granted financial funding through the CCEF.

For more information about the Big Sky Fit Kids program or its adult program, Shape Up Montana,  please visit  the Internet website at: http://www.bigskygames.org/home