Translators that serve Conrad now have 10 channels

The TV translators that serve the Conrad area are now digital.  Conrad now has 10 channels :

KRTV (CBS) – 3.1

CW Network – 3.2

KFBB (ABC) – 5.1

FOX – 5.2

KTVH (NBC) – 12.1

KUGF (PBS) – 21.1

PBS Kids – 21.2

PBS Create – 21.3

PBS World – 21.4

PBS MT Leg. – 21.5

“The new digital channels have a very good signal and we are excited to have this upgrade completed for our Conrad area viewers”, said TV Board Chairman Sharon Eisenberg.

She went on to add, “The old analog channels (6, 8, 10, 12) are still broadcasting but the Conrad TV District will be taking them down soon. Then only the digital channels will be available.”

If you have a digital TV you need to “scan” for the new channels through the channel search utility built into your TV.  If you do not have a digital TV, you will need to purchase a digital converter box.

If you have any questions, please call TV board members Jerry Walth 271-5927 or Eisenberg 278-5523.