Conrad High School 2012 Awards Ceremony


06_luke-awards_4228AWARDS ASSEMBLY  — Kevin Mortz presents Luke Schlosser, recipient of UGF Wrestling Scholarship with Shadow box because he was a four-time state wrestling champion.  The CHS retired his singlet, and the plaque will be hung in the gym.  Pictured below, Dede Brown presents Calvin Ophus with Casper College Rodeo Scholarship for full ride. I-O Photos by Tirsea McNeal






By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

On May 23, CHS held their annual awards day ceremony.

The National Honor Society Teacher of the Year went to Beth Ann Bolmeier. The Outstanding Senior Award went to Jacob Gouchenour. The KRTV Student of the Week was recognized as Meagan Breding for $500. The President’s Education Award Program recognized 37 students with a 3.5 GPA or better with the American Citizenship Award. The Principal’s Leadership Award went to Meagan Breding and Dallas VanLuchene.

The National Financial Challenge recognized Samantha Garman, Kyle Linn, Kesler Martin, Emily Weisgram, Jamison Byrnes and Charles Roderick.

The ACT Outstanding Performance recognized Sam Carroll, Meagan Breding, Jacob Gouchenour and Ben Moerkerke earning of an ACT Composite score of 27 or more.

The Montana University System Writing Assessment awards went to Erin Awtrey.


Individual awards are as follows:


FFA Alumni: Will Shirley $100 and Chad Hoggan-$100,; John Bain Memorial: Chad Hoggan-$250; Tyler Erickson Memorial: Sam Carroll-$400; Viola Zimbelman Heien: Meagan Breding-$750, and Dallas VanLuchene-$3,000; Blewett Wrestling Scholarship: Luke Schlosser $500; Conrad Wrestling Club: Luke Schlosser-$250.

Individual Dollars for Scholars awards are as follows:

Students for Students: Shanae Newmiller-$200; Special Donor: Amelia DeBoo-$250; Three Rivers: Shanae NewMiller-$250 and Steven Peters-$250; Family of Sylvester and Marie Ries: Allison Bruner-$500, Sam Larson-$500, and Jade Rodriguez-$500; Bob Bryce Memorial: Kyle Linn-$250; Marvin and Vivian Cheek Memorial: Will Shirley-$260; John and Arliss Skipwith: Charles Roderick-$260; Chad Durnell Memorial: Tanner Dyer-$270; Anita Sabbe Gergasko Memorial: Erica Grubb-$270; Castle Family Scholarship in Memory of Larry Castle: Austin Fowler-$300; Conrad IGA: Ciara Bender, Tanner Dyer, Austin Fowler, Raschelle Johns, Sam Larson, Shanae Newmiller and Joseph Ries-$300 each; Pepsi: Sam Larson, Shanae Newmiller, Joseph Ries and Cassie Robertson-$350 each; First Christian Church: Kyle Linn-$390, and Cassie Robertson, $390; Stockman Bank: Meagan Breding, Sam Carroll, Jacob Gouchenour and Dallas VanLuchene-$400 each; Conrad Community Education Foundation: Meagan Breding-$500; Class of 1995 in Memory of Debbie Burditt Hildahl: Michaela Hohman-$250; Gordon and Marjorie Matheson Memorial in honor of Paula, Allison Bruner-$415; Conrad Building Center: Emily Weisgram-$430; Don Hammer Memorial: Ben Moerkerke$430; Pondera Tavern Association: Emily Weisgram-$250, Charles Roderick-$250, Luke Schlosser-$500, and Sierra Oehlke-$500; Zomer Truck Company: Tanner Dyer-$490; Community Endowment: Jacob Gouchenour - $500; Wells Fargo Bank: Brittany Greyn-$500; Sunset Dental Care: Brittny Greyn and Samantha Garman-$500 each; Pondera Ladies Golf in Memory of Delores McDonald: Sierra Oehlke-$500; Rossberg Family: Charles Roderick-$500; Berthelson Family: Cassie Robertson-$500; Bliss Family: Jacob Gouchenour, Calvin Ophus and Will Shirley-$500 each; Mach 1 Flying Club: Chad Hoggan-$500; Stephen Kellogg Family: Samantha Garman-$500; George and Betty Ellingson: Allison Bruner and Steven Peters-$525 each; Conrad Lions Club: Calvin Ophus and Erica Grubb-$550 each; Jim and Evelyn Yeager Memorial: Kyle Linn-$600; Berland Family in Memory of Herbert Berland: Joseph Ries-$635; Barbara Bruner Memorial: Jade Rodriguez-$700; Douglas Bucher Memorial: Meagan Breding-$650; Patriotic Fund: Chad Hoggan-$700; Eugene and Iris Erwin Scholarship in Memory of Todd Johnson: Michaela Hohman-$940; Jason Orcutt Memorial: Luke Schlosser-$500; Joan Orcutt Memorial: Rashelle Johns-$750; Genevieve Rieken Anderson: Ciara Bender-$700, Brittany Greyn-$250, Will Shirley -$250, Emily Weisgram $350, Amelia DeBoo $750, Ben Moerkerke $600, Dallas VanLuchene-$600, Sam Carroll - $600, Steven Peters-$250, Alyssa Keil-$450, Ashley Greyn - $450, Rachel Lamb - $450, Courtney Sutherland- $450, Jenny Silvernale- $450, Jaclynn Hanson- $450, Carl Vandenacre- $450, Justin Philipps- $450, Graham Grubb- $450, Zach Lettenga- $450, and Nikki Linn-$450;

06_calvin-awards_4260Additional scholarships and awards are as follows:

First Presbyterian Church: Allison Bruner-$100; Pondera Valley Lutheran Church: Steven Peters, Sam Larson, Meagan Breding, Charles Roderick and Will Shirley-$100 each; Pondera County Extension Homemakers: Dallas VanLuchene-$400; VFW Auxiliary Voice of Democracy: Ariel Sauer-$300; American Legion Award: Rashelle Johns and Meagan Breding; American Legion Auxiliary: Rashelle Johns; First Reformed Church: Meagan Breding, Ben Moerkerke, Rashelle Johns, Erica Grubb and  Brittany Greyn-$200 each; Ed Drogemuller Memorial: Chad Hoggan; Women of the Moose: Sierra Oehlke-$250; Moose: Meagan Breding-$250; Booster Club: Sam Carroll, Sam Larson, Meagan Breding, Rashelle Johns and Erica Grubb-$200 each; Fred Lamoreaux Memorial: Sam Larson-$500; Todd Johnson Memorial: Austin Fowler-$500; Air Force Math and Science Award: Meagan Breding and Sam Carroll; UGF Wrestling Scholarship: Luke Schlosser-$11,500; Rocky Mountain College: Ben Moerkerke-Merit Scholarship-$12,000 per year; Montana University System Honor Scholarship: Sam Carroll –Full Tuition waiver – renewable for up to four years; MSU Bozeman Legacy Scholarship: Steven Peters-$4,500 per year for 4-year, total $18,000; MSU Northern: Tanner Dyer- Automotive Service Technology-$1,000; WyoTech: Chad Hoggan-$500; MSU Great Falls COT: Amelia DeBoo MSU GF COT Scholarship Spectrum Medical Scholarship Access Grant- $300, $350, $650; Imagine America: Chad Hoggan-$1,000; UM Montana Tech: Sam Larson-$1,000; Mountain View Co-op: Calvin Ophus -$500; MSU Billings: Erica Grubb, Academic Achievement Scholarship-$3,000; Sun River Electric: Rashelle Johns-$500; Carroll College Presidential Award: Dallas VanLuchene -$1,300 per year 4-year total $52,000; UM-Missoula COT Montana Achievement Award: Emily Weisgram -$1,000 and Cassie Robertson-$1,000; UM Western Rodeo Scholarship: Will Shirley – Full tuition and half room and board; Casper College Rodeo Scholarship: Calvin Ophus: Full-ride; UGF Rodeo Scholarship: Allison Bruner -$11,000; Elks: Erica Grubb -$100, Dallas VanLuchene -$200, Meagan Breding -$300; Maria River Electric: Jacob Gouchenour -$400; Fogelsong Memorial: Meagan Breding -$1,800, and Sam Carroll -$1,800; Cops 4 Kids: Dallas VanLuchene, Sam Carroll and Ciara Bender -$100 each; Pondera County Conservation District: Calvin Ophus and Will Shirley -$250 each; DAR Good Citizenship Award: Meagan Breding, Pin and Certificate; US Army: Devon Rauscher – enlisted; Heisey Awards: Faith Dyrud, Kristine Warlick, Nathan Pruttis, Charles Roderick, Sierra Oehlke, Kelsi Watterud, Kyle Dyrud, Rachel Young, Devon Rauscher-$150 each; Serve Montana: Erica Grubb-$1,000; Teacher’s Choice: Sierra Oehlke -$320: Governor’s Best and Brightest: Meagan Breding-$2,000 renewable for up to four years for a total of $8,000.