Cowboys and Cowgirls cash in at Whoop-Up Rodeo

07_calvin_2641RIDE ‘EM COWOY!  — Home boy Calvin Ophus comes out of the chute and holds on as his horse, Slap Shot, who tries to buck him off. Ophus got a score of 69 and tied for second-third in the bareback riding. He won $345.92 for holding on for his eight second ride.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler





The Whoop-Up rodeo contestants, as it turned out, had a good day at the pay window and rodeo fans got to see some nifty riding and rodeo action at the 72nd annual Conrad Lions Club Whoop-Up Trail Days Celebration.

Always a good part of the big show, bareback riding was the opening act on Saturday as the two-day rodeo got underway.

John Salois of East Glacier rode to a 74 on Sunday was the winner of $511.36.

Conrad’s Calvin Ophus and Cavan Wrzesinski of Boulder tied for second and third with 69 points and each pocketed $345.92. Sylvan LaCross of Baker turned in a ride of 62 and took home $192.52.

The ground split was $26.32. Ground money is paid when the purse for an event is split equally and paid to all contestants in the event. This is done when all contestants entered in an event fail to qualify.

In the saddle bronc riding, Beau Michael of Browning turned in the top point of any of the rides, 79 points and won $822.97.

In second place was Brian Dawson of Wisdom with a score of 75, $629.33 followed by Chazz Racine of Browning with a 74. He collected $484.10. Chase Brooks of Deer Lodge put on a ride of 73 and won $314.67. In fifth place was Gerald Eash of Trego with a ride of 71, good for $169.44.

In the bull riding event, Badger  Black of Cut Bank turned in a ride good for 70 points to claim first place and $763.26. JD Harrell of Roy was in second with a ride of 67, winning $631.68 and Hunter Ziglar of Kalispell had a ride of 50 and won $500.06.

The ground split was $245.65 for the next three places. The steer wrestlers had five placers with  Austin Malek of Highwood taking first in a time of 4.0, winning $814.98.

Eddie Getten of Helena was in second with a time of 4.4. He received $623.22.

Dennis Barta (Havre) and Kevin Peterson (Bozeman) tied for third/fourth with times of 4.7 and each pocketed $395.51. Shawn Hanley of Roundup with a time of 4.8 placed fifth and got $167.79.

Peterson by the way was the All-a-Around, winning $1,584.42, placing first in calf roping and then teamed up with Orry Fruit to get third in team roping. In all, he placed in three events, two individual and one team event.

In the calf roping, Peterson was in first with a time of 9.6, winning $757.45.

San Levine of Wolf Creek was second with a time of 10.7, winning $579.23. Darrell Watson of Rocky Boy at 10.9 was in third and he won $45.56. Donnie Benson of Dillon placed fourth  with a time of 11.0 got $289.61 and Dustin Bird of Cut Bank with 11.6 won $156.95.

The team roping, Nolan Conway and D. Bird of Cut Bank were in first with a time of 5.8 for $733.48 each.

Casey Cummis and JC Guardipee of Cut Bank were in second with a time of 6.2, winning $560.90 each. Peterson and Fruit, 6.9 were in third, winning $431.46 each.

Three teams split fourth place with times of 7.1, getting $143.62 each.

They were Neitl Tatsey/Jimmy Racine of Cut Bank; Shawn Bird/Charlie Lenning of Kalispell, and Mark Salmond/Bryer Davis of Sand Coulee.

At the lady barrels, Julie Lenor of  Cut Bank had a time of 17.71 to capture first and win $825.98. Donna Johnson of Belt was in second with a time of 17.74 winning $583.57.

Linda Karp of Winston and Lexi Archibek of Dillon places 3/4 with times of 17.87. Each won $469.96.

Raelene Konzak of Geyser and Nikki Barta of Buffalo tied for 5/6 with times of 18.0, winning $199.38 each.

At the lady breakaway, Chelsea Brown of Big Sandy was in first with a time of 2.5. She won $596.99.

Celie Salmon of Choteau, with a time of 3.5 won $494.06 for second. In third was Sammy Jo Bird of Cut Bank at 3.9, won $391.13.

Ali Ray, East Glacier, got fourth place with a time of 4.0 and took home $288.20. Cate Hirschy, fifth, of Jackson won $285.27 with her time of 4.4 and Cally Goyins of Helena won $102.93 for taking sixth place.

In the junior barrels, first place went to Kiera Simonson of Loring with a time of 17.88. She won $134.40.

Second place went to Tylynn Rettig of Rudyard in 18.09, winning $100.80.

Third place went to Shai McDonald of Gardiner with a clocking of 18.24. She won $67.20 and Alexis McDonald of Gardiner with a time of 18.37 was in fourth place, pocketing $33.60.

In the junior breakaway, Jess Chase of Mandaree won $134.40 for taking first with a time of 3.9.

Mikayla Witter of Helena was in second with a time of 5.4, winning a $100.80. Molly Salmon of Choteau placed third in 8.6, winning $67.20 and Brandon Bird-Cole of Cut Bank was in fourth place, 9.8, and took home $33.60.


Whoop-Up Stick Horse Rodeo results

Three year-old Alveda Bolo ropes a straw bale calf at the Stick Horse rodeo at the Whoop-Up rodeo ground and then pulls it over. All right future Cowgirl! The Stick Horse Rodeo is just one of the Whoop-Up events that helped make the 72nd annual Conrad Lions Club Trail Days Celebration a success.
I-O Photos by Buck Traxler




Following are the results of future Cowgirls and Cowboys who took part in the Stick Horse Rodeo at the rodeo grounds at Whoop-Up.

Three and Under

In the roping segment Alveda Ire Bolo placed first and Porter Martin was in second place.

Bolo also took first in the straw bale (barrel) racing with Martin coming in second.

Age Four

In the roping portion, Phillip Rohrer was in first place and Cole Waldusky took second. In the straw bale racing, the places were reversed.

Waldusky came in first and Rohrer got second.

Age Five

In the roping event, Adria Poindexter placed first and Joshua Skunkcap was in second.

At the straw bale racing, Skunkcap got first, Poindexter second and Teagan Bossribs third.

Age Six and Up

For the roping event, Gavin Beattie placed first, Kaitlyn Fellows second and in third was Josh Poindexter.

In the straw bale racing segment, Fellows sped to a first place, Beattie came in second and Aliyah Poindexter was third.