Level 3 sex offender in Conrad

07_tier3-davidknaffAs a level 3 sex offender, David Allen Knaff, as required by law, has registered with Conrad law enforcement and is now residing in Conrad.

According to the Montana Department of Justice website, “Level 3 means the risk of a repeat sexual offense is high, there is a threat to public safety, and an evaluator believes the offender is a sexually violent predator”.

A sex offender of this level has a lifetime registration requirement and quarterly verification of address with local law enforcement authorities.

According to the Conrad Police Department, Knaff’s  date of birth is 9/4/44; his height is 5’9”; weight: 200; eyes-blue: Hair: grey and he’s considered most likely to re-offend.

Knaff currently lives at 309 South Minnesota #1.  He often rides a bike; however, other possible vehicles driven by him are a white and orange 1976 Dodge Tioga, no plates at this time, an older  motor home and a 1996 silver Lincoln 4 door Towncar – 2-38040A.

The requirements and responsibilities of registration for both offenders and law enforcement agencies are defined in Title 46 Chapter 23 Part 5 of the Montana Code Annotated.