Whoop-Up Fun Run draws a crowd

08_shannon-077TOP FEMALE  — Shannon Naylor ran the 5K PMC Fun Run in 21:59 and was a grand prize winner in the 20-49 age bracket. BELOW: Mark Fitzgerald was the grand prize winner in the 50+ male division of the PMC Whoop-Up Fun Run. He ran the 5K  race in 21:46.   Photos courtesy of Lisa Hanson/PMC





The PMC Fun Run was held on  June 2, during the 72nd annual Lions Club Whoop-Up Trail Days Celebration.

There were 99 participants in the race.  Fred Trafelet, EMT from Valier, started the race.  The 5K winners in the three older age groups (13-19; 20-49; 50+) each won $25 cash.

The 12 and under age group each won $15 gift certificates from the Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce.  All prizes were sponsored by Stockman Bank, Billman’s of Cut Bank, Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce and Pondera Medical Center.

After the race, runners enjoyed bananas and oranges sponsored by Sunset Dental Care; bottles of water were sponsored by Mountain View Coop of Conrad.  Kelly Martin, U2 Photo, designed the t-shirts this year - yellow with blue and green print and were a big hit.  Conrad Search and Rescue kept our participants safe by stationing members at high traffic points and the Valier school system let us use their timers for the second year in a row.

Conrad Public Works let us borrow the cones to mark the course.  Prior to the race starting Fred Trafelet led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pondera Medical Center/Pondera County Ambulance was driven and staffed by Kyle DeHaan and Terry Aakre and followed the participants for their safety or if any issues arose.

5k Grand Prize Winners

20-49:  Drew Keller of Shelby had the fastest time in the 5K for the sixth year in a row with a time of 17:00 and was even running on an injured Achilles tendon.  In 2011 his winning time was 16:37, in 2010 it was 16:52, in 2009 it was 17:24 and in 2008 it was 18:30.

12 and Under

Audrey and Reece Taylor, Conrad-29:26 and 29:07; KwinLee Briggs, Dupuyer-36:56

13-19 Male: Caydon Keller, Shelby-20:12

13-19 Female: Elise Anderson, Canada-21:11

20-49 Female: Shannon Naylor, Conrad-21:59.

50+ Male: Mark Fitzgerald, Conrad-21:46.

50+ Female: Diane Boyd, Conrad-28:46 .

5k Participants

Drew Keller, Shelby-17:00; Tyler Bucklin, Conrad-18:44; Caydon Keller, Shelby-20:12; Elise Anderson, Canada-21:11;  Howard Wakkinen, Cheyenne, Wyo. -21:29; Mark Fitzgerald, Conrad-21:46; Marty Metz, Conrad-21:47; Shannon Naylor, Conrad-21:59; Morgan Koenig, Conrad-22:10; Chris Berg, Conrad-22:34; Vanessa Bucklin, Conrad-23:51; Jim Hellinger, Shelby-23:17; Gwen Daves, Shelby-23:26; Runner #116-23:28; Runner #114-23:25; Brandi Ellefsen, Great Falls-23:33; Will Fleming, Great Falls-23:58; Courtney Ellefsen, Conrad-23:58; Dawn Hammermeister, Conrad-24:40; Rob Cook, Conrad-25:16; William Dwello, Conrad-25:19; Blaine Berg, Conrad-25:53; Tyler Richter, Conrad-25:53; Crystal VanDyken, Bozeman-26:00; Monica Taylor, Conrad-26:03; Owen Anderson, Bozeman-26:07; Runner #126-26:23; Dawson Berg, Conrad-26:31; Jay Taylor, Conrad-26:33; Jeremiah Swenson, Great Falls-26:56;  Donna Swit, Aurora, Wyo.-28:14; Diane Boyd, Conrad-28:46; Pauline Gouchenour-Anderson, Conrad/Canada-28:55; Dayle Anderson, Canada-28:56; Audrey Taylor, Conrad-29:07; Janice Swanson, Conrad-29:19; Reece Taylor, Conrad-29:26; Stacy Aaberg, Conrad-31:25; Johnny Ragsdale, Bozeman-32:17; Jamie Dwello, Conrad-32:39; Misty Dwello, Conrad-32:47; Charlene Beuerman, Cut Bank-33:07; C.J. Young, Arizona-33:34; Kristen Juras, Great Falls-33:51; Linda Heggem, Great Falls-33:59; Kim Anderson, Bozeman-36:00; Rita Anderson, Colorado-36:00; Kayla Hauer, Missoula-36:44; Kadie Briggs, Dupuyer-36:56; KwinLee Briggs, Dupuyer-36:56; Robert Skorupa, Brady-39:12.  Unfortunately we were unable to get times for Cindy Zubatch, Great Falls; Clarice Barnes, Conrad; Ron and Dolores Webb, Lakeside; Morgan Fowler, Conrad and Cali Weekes, Conrad.

08_mark_0651-Mile Participants

Traci Benjamin; MaryAnn Taylor, Helena; Cheri Juneau, Dupuyer; Heidi Barney, Conrad; Sandin Barney, Conrad; John Taylor, Helena; Melanie Lewis, Shelby; Craig Lewis, Shelby; Asa Anderson, Bozeman; Austin Anderson, Bozeman; Justin Anderson, Bozeman; Connie Anderson, Bozeman; Grant VanDyken, Bozeman; Shayla VanDyken, Bozeman; Hailey VanDyken, Bozeman; Isaac VanDyken, Bozeman; Shad VanDyken, Bozeman; Jim Bjelland, Conrad; Bryce Watterud, Conrad; Meghan Lewis, Shelby; Taylor Lewis, Shelby; Connie Diedrich, Conrad; Gabby Drishinski, Conrad; Michaela DeBoo, Conrad; Lynn Hurley, Washington; Kristy Norman, Conrad/Washington; Jacklyn VanDyke, Conrad; Whitney Bliss, Conrad/Great Falls; Jackie Berg, Conrad; Jade Breding, Conrad; Brandon Bliss, Conrad; Meagan Heinen, Conrad; Lacey Zubatch, Great Falls; Daine Zubatch, Great Falls; Tala Eneboe, Conrad; Brae Eneboe, Conrad; Jay Vermulm, Conrad; Kile Denny, Conrad; Stacy Eneboe, Conrad; Tammy Stanley, Conrad; Juanita Rodriguez, Conrad; Riley Stokes, Conrad; Sydney Stokes, Conrad; Shelbie Nance, Columbia Falls; James Cain, Conrad; Traci Hamilton, Conrad; Catherine Kellogg, Conrad; Jamie Christensen, Utah; Alex Lund, Utah; Lenda Liptrot, Utah; Ron Webb, Lakeside and Devin Ropeletto, Utah.

Sponsors and Workers

Conrad Chamber of Commerce, four $15 gift certificates; Stockman Bank - $100; Mountain View Coop - six cases of water; Sunset Dental Care - a case of bananas and a case of oranges; U2 Photo’s Kelly Martin donated design fees for the t-shirts; Billman’s, Inc. - $300; Valier High School - stop watches, Search & Rescue secured the streets, Public Works - orange cones and Pondera Medical Center.


Jamyne and Dave Richardson set up the cones and painted the streets; Sean Kavanaugh designed the registration forms; Fred Trafelet, EMT from Valier, helped with registration, the Pledge of Allegiance and starting the race; Terry Aakre and Kyle Dehaan followed the runners with the ambulance; Lisa Hanson, Lori and Kenny Fletcher, Kathy Younce, Vann Lovett, Ann McIntyre, Dan Aakre, Mary Erickson, Charlene Bouma, Ruth Erickson, Krista Keiper, Kelci Watterud, Janette VanLuchene, Josette Riphenburg, Myrna Christensen, Randi Eppe, Sablle Erickson, Tyce Erickson and Dave Doran all contributed to making this event possible and successful

As you can see, it takes sponsors and manpower to pull off the Whoop-Up Fun Run.  I appreciate everyone’s help.  We look forward to the 2013 Whoop-Up Fun Run!  See you there!

Editor’s note: Article submitted by Charlene Bouma, PMC Wellness Center Manager.