Deciding to remain independent

08_restarea_2731MOVING RIGHT ALONG  — Construction by the Montana State Department of Transportation is moving at a brisk pace on the other side of I-15. Streets are laid out and the building to the left will be the new rest area site. Crews are also putting in water and sewer lines. For now, the cut-across road through the construction site to the Frontage Road is closed and will be into next week while work at the rest area is being completed. I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




One of our customers recently commented, “Everyone else has raised the cost of their paper, what is the I-O going to do?”

The I-O will remain loyal to their readers and maintain their affordable pricing for their customers.

At present, the I-O has taken a look at their subscriptions, ads and the customer base they serve and decided the best policy at present is to remain independent, not following the other papers of similar size.  “We’re not going to raise the price per paper, or raise the subscription price” says I-O Publisher, Pat Lee.

It’s not always the best policy to follow the trend.  The old adage, “just because others are doing it is not a good reason for you to do it.” has its merit, even in business.

The cost of doing business shouldn’t impact its best asset, the customers.

The I-O wants to thank our readers and advertisers and we look forward to adding new advertisers and subscribers. If you have questions about advertising or subscription prices, please call our office 271-5561.