Thundering herd may be bison in your backyard

11_buffalo_3134-smBISON BULL  — Bison grazing in Yellowstone National Park.  I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal



The Coalition for Common Sense Use (CCSU) board announced on Monday that they have voted to send $5,000 to help fund Citizen’s for Balanced Use lawsuit directed at limiting Fish-Wildlife & Park’s ill advised relocation of wild bison across Montana.

Senator Rick Ripley (SD-9), brought the request to the Coalition Board which represents eight counties in northcentral Montana and received unanimous approval.

Senator Llew Jones (SD-14), reports that the primary focus of the CCSU is to keep Montana lands viable for multiple use opportunities ranging from hunting to Ag use to riding.

The Senator says that multiple use and access will be very negatively impacted by current FWP Bison relocation plans, especially as these plans do not fully consider the regional and economic issues of a large, hard to contain bison herd.

Montana’s southern border with Yellowstone Park has ready evidence of numerous problem issues that are associated with wild bison: in particular the numerous challenges of containing the wild herds that routinely escape causing devastating impacts that make nationwide news including statewide issues such as when Montana lost its brucellosis free status.

“The impacted region around Yellowstone is very much analogous to a wildfire burning out of control,” says Jones.

The current FWP relocation proposals are very much akin to lighting similar fires in multiple locations across this state and somehow expecting different results.

The Senator went on to add, “Sadly it is becoming increasingly common that litigation is the only recourse left for Montana citizens as they work to retain multi-use access to state and federal lands and defend private property rights.”