There’s a new chicken in town

12_chester-chicken_4583A FAMILIAR FACE  — The famous bandana-wearing-chick has come home to roost.  I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal



By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

Chester Chicken has come home to roost in Conrad.  The old KFC has flown the coop and we have a new Chicken in town.

A new menu board and new colors are the immediate new face of the old site at A&W/KFC.

The A&W is still serving, but on the chicken side we have Chesters.

Jamey Byrnes, IGA store manager over Chester’s says, “The KFC franchise agreement was up and we decided to go in a different direction.  Chester Chicken was sold by IGA in the past, and we thought it would be a good alternative to KFC.”

Byrnes said hopefully people in our area will like Chesters over KFC.  Byrnes said, “the preparation process is simpler and the only difference has been in the preparation equipment.”

In 1952, founder W.O. Giles started the Chester’s business, originally frying donuts and later chicken, with his patented fryers.

Giles’ equipment innovations paved new paths in keeping up with the fast food business.

Chester the Chick changed his image in 1965 with his cowboy hat and western look.

Ted W. Giles, son of the founder and its current CEO, is credited with growing the brand on three continents.

Welcome home Chester’s!