Taking a stand

We are offended Governor Brian Schweitzer has requested the DOI (Department of the Interior) to assist in relocating to DOI lands Yellowstone bison that have been in the quarantine facility on Turner Green Ranch.

As we have listened to, gone to and participated in the MT FWP (Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks) “Bison Scoping meetings,” we have been assured that we are being heard and there is no “prior plan in place”. Perhaps the employees of the MT FWP did not have a prior plan but it seem obvious the Schweitzer did.

With the feed back at the Bison Scoping Meets being strongly against Free Roaming Bison and with a law suits in place against MT FWP, it seems Schweitzer decided to move forward on his own and request from Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, assistance in getting the bison relocated.

We do not believe this action represents the people of Montana’s desires. We believe it is Schweitzer’s private agenda.

We feel that these two quotes from a New York Times Article printed May 31, display his disrespect for livestock producers and the people of Montana’s desires:

“Montana’s governor, Brian Schweitzer, contends that the collective behind the lawsuit just wants “the cheap grass.”

“The most vocal opponents are the who’s who of public grazers,” Governor Schweitzer said.”

“For Schweitzer, bringing back the buffalo has become something of a mission. “A hundred years from now, no one is going to know who the governor of Montana was who brought the buffalo back,” he said. “But when they hoist me down into my place on the prairie, with the tall grass blowing and the bison walking over my grave, I’ll know.”

Editor’s note: This article was submitted by Maggie Nutter and Butch Gillespie from the Marias River Livestock Association.