Lesnik new man on Conrad City Council

14_lesnik_2799By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Twenty-four-year-old Drew Lesnik has been appointed as the city council’s new alderman.

The Big Sky native was born in Dean on the western side of the Rocky Mountains and was raised in Corvallis, where he graduated from high school.

After receiving his high school degree, Lesnik ventured forth and came to this side of the mountains and attended MSU-Bozeman where he earned a degree in Business Finance.

This is his first step into the field of politics; he has never run for an elected office. However, the Relationship Manager at Northwest Farm Credit Services in Conrad tells the I-O that he has a desire to improve financial knowledge and “I have fresh ideas and I’m ambitious.”

Asked what he thought his strengths were, Lesnik says he is determined, organized and decisive and if he has a weakness, it is being stubborn.

Lesnik would like to take this opportunity to help pursue opportunities that will allow our community to thrive. “I hope to work to keep the budget without unfairly burdening our citizens with fees and taxes,” he says.

Not too shy, the new councilman says the biggest problem area for the city is lack of a conducive business environment.  “This is not only a local problem, however, and will not be simply solved.”

He went on to add, “That being said, we should do whatever possible to provide opportunities to our current citizens and try to entice newcomers to join our community.”

Lesnik and his wife of three years have no children, however, they have a dog named Hanley.

When he can, he likes to play league golf, go to the open gym for some pick-up basketball, go hiking and do some building/construction work.

You can watch Lesnik in action at any regular city council meeting, the first and third Monday of each month at city hall; 412-1/2 S. Main Street at 7:30 p.m.

All council meetings are free to the public which is encouraged to attend.