Industrial park the topic at city council

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By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter

The Conrad City Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting on July 16.

Everyone was in attendance with the exception of Alderman Moss who was away with approval.

Numerous guests were present, including Cheryl Curry, Craig Barringer, Merrill Hawley, Ron and Deborah Ries, Jeff and Ray Mayers and Rick Burke

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Wendy Judisch.

A water contract was approved for Jay and Monica Taylor.

Curry of the Port Authority reported the house on North Virginia will be closed on soon, leaving the house in Brady to sell.  Due to the sale they will have program income to move forward for additional housing related projects.

Our readers may remember that the Port Authority had inquired about a possible $1,000 loan from the city for a railroad track study.

After three Burlington Northern officials visited it was decided that the study is not needed and the $1,000 commitment from the city will not be necessary.

Work with the city and the Port Authority on the East Industrial Park continues.

Finance Officer Agnes Fowler presented her June 2012 Finance reports and the quarterly pledged security reports.

She has been working on budget spreadsheets and year end closing documents.  Current investments are averaging 1.91 percent.

Conrad School District Superintendent Barringer requested permission to replace the 1.5 water meter with a 3/4 meter.  The water usage for the past three years was presented for reference, noting there are no sprinklers in this building for fire.

Public Works Director Rich Anderson stated that it was feasible to do with the school covering all associated costs.  Barringer also noted that the tennis courts are under construction with hopes of completion by August.

The East Industrial Park committee met and prepared “draft” protective covenants for consideration.  These have been distributed to all applicable authorities.

A buy-sell agreement with Prairie Dog Development, LLC for lots six and seven in the East Industrial Park for a purchase price of $500,000 has been submitted.  Earnest money in the amount of $5,000 will be paid with the balance of $45,000 to be submitted upon the release of the property inspection contingency.  The buy-sell agreement was approved as presented.

Ron Widhalm, representing the East Industrial Park Committee, stated they are recommending a 1 percent finder’s fee that may be paid to parties that secure tenants for the park.  This was not considered in the original price of the parcels, however, the committee feels there is enough in contingencies to cover these commissions if necessary.  The board approved the recommendation for a finder’s fee.

Property belonging to Hawley was damaged when Harvie’s Hot Shot Services & Trucking equipment took down a Northwestern Energy power line on 4th Ave. and Michigan St. earlier this spring.  He is asking for assistance from the City in getting full replacement cost from the trucking company’s insurance for the damages.  It was taken under consideration.

No executive session was held.

The city council meets every first and third Monday at 7:30 p.m. in city hall, 411 1/2 S. Main.

The public is always invited and encouraged to attend and see their government at work.