Jamerson new librarian in town

16_librarian_2948By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

With Moerkerke’s leaving Conrad for Wyoming, the library was left with a position to fill.

Stepping up is Khrystyne (pronounced Kris-ton) Jamerson. Asked about the unusual spelling of her name, Jamerson said her mother thought it was neat, and was named after an actress.

Her first name is a variant of Khristina and is Russia in origin. The actress she is named after is Khrystyne Haje who is actually better known for her long red hair.

Jamerson on the other hand is a blond with long tresses that go beyond her shoulders.

Her father was in the U.S. Army and Jamerson was born in Germany.

She attended and graduated from  Ellison High School in Ailleen,  Texas. After graduation she went to college Texas State University in San Marcos, which is north of San Antonio.

Jamerson majored in and received a degree in Wildlife Biology.

So how does a Wildlife Biologist from Texas find their way to a library in Conrad?

It helps immensely if there happens to be an open position and you have, even if they are distant, relatives here. She is related to the Fowler family.

Librarian Carolynn Donath at first was worried about the transition from Stephanie, but to now. “We’re lucky to have her,” she says.

Working the front desk, Jamerson is the first person one meets when they enter the library. She also catalogs new books that come in and does a lot of computer work.

When away from the library, Jamerson likes to go hiking in Glacier Park and do crafting or play with her (lucky dog) Harley named after the motorcycle. “He’s just a mutt I got from a shelter,” she tells the I-O.

Once in a while she posts-up on Facebook and what a surprise! She loves to read books.

This year Jamerson made her first trip to a county fair and really liked the demo-derby, saying, “I want to do that next year.”

Gentlemen, there’s your cue, stop by the library and welcome Khrystyne to Conrad.