Digital movie equipment at the Orpheum Theatre

The digital movie equipment was installed a few weeks ago, at the Orpheum Theatre and the picture is now, “Clearer, more precise and distinguishable and the sound is enhanced and definitely better understood,” said Helen Elliott of the Pondera Arts Council (PAC).

Elliott also noted that the color on the screen is brighter and prettier, “This is such a terrific asset to the whole area,” she said.

Last weekend one of the top pictures of the summer, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was shown.

This weekend The Dark Knight Rises, the third flick in the Batman series will hit the screen. This movie has been touted as a “must see” for all you movie goers who like action packed adventure.

At a later date, various pictures will be downloaded from the satellite. PAC plans to formulate plans for an appreciation event to be held.

Elliott says, “PAC now has a top notch system, but an extremely small audience is responding.”

Come out and be a devoted and faithful movie goer and a community supporter of the Orpheum,” she said.