Sheriff’s office asks for new cameras

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Sheriff Tom Kuka and Deputy Jeff Pruttis were on hand to meet with the commissioners to see about funding new cameras.

The PCSO requested, if possible, six new cameras for $5,000. “We would like to do as many as possible,” commented Sheriff Kuka.

Pruttis noted, “These cameras have better audio and video, and are a lot clearer and over all, just a lot better.”

The sheriff’s office was hoping the money could be put into the budget for this year.

This was a non-action item and the commissioners felt it was a good idea and the money was there, so it could be put in the budget.

There was also some discussion about the K-9 dog, Luci. Valier deputy Shannon Gabbard is the handler of the animal, which has “been around for long time,” Kuka said (eight years).

Time is coming to where a decision will need to be made in either giving Luci to Gabbard or have the animal put down.

No action or decision was made at this time.

The commissioners set Aug. 28, 10 a.m. for the final budget hearing in their office.

A preliminary budget is available for review and inspection during normal working hours at the Clerk and Recorder’s office.

Permission was given to 3 Rivers Communications to lay down new fiber cable at Midway and Sunset Roads.

From an earlier meeting, the Shooting Sports Club is working to expand. They will need approval from the FFA, even though they will not be shooting in the direction of the airport. Before any action is taken, the land from Mary Brownell, needs to be surveyed and a report turned in.

Not too long ago there was a shooting tournament held at the complex with people from all across the state coming to compete.

“We got rave reviews,” about the facility said John Shevlin. He added, “We have dedicated people here.”