Pistol certification course to be offered

Two National Rifle Association (NRA) basic pistol certification courses are on tap.

The Hatari instructors are current or former law enforcement or military personnel.

The first course is for women only, and is being taught by NRA instructor Terry Leonard and will be at the Valier Civic Center on Sept. 15.

The class begins at 8 a.m. with a break for lunch at noon and then finishes up at the shooting range.

The second class is a co-ed course, also for basic pistol certification.

It will begin on Sept. 22 and is also slated to be held in the Civic Center.

Both classes include four hours of classroom instruction and four hours on a shooting range. Training pistols and ammunition will be provided.

Upon completion you will receive a NRA national recognized certification, NRA textbooks, a diploma and patch and an application for your county to carry a concealed weapon.

The registration deadline is Sept. 1. For more information and the time that classes begin, contact Leonard at (406) 576-0702 or visit www.hataridefense.com .