Remodeling of entryway to PMC starts soon

Phase one of a remodeling project will be starting soon at the Pondera Medical Center (PMC).

Phase one will consist of new handicapped accessible sidewalks from the front bridge entry way to the clinic doors.

In addition, the front parking lot  will be widened to allow for ease of the surrey and patient drop-off and pick-up. It will also include replacement of the bridge.

Phase one will not consist of the weather covering for the bridge.

PMC supporters raised a little over $43,883 during an eight month fundraising campaign. Mark Jones, PMC-CEO says, “We would not be able to do this project without the community’s support.”

Due to the closure of the front parking lot, accommodations will be made to help assist with patient parking, loading and unloading during the construction phase.

Starting dates and further information will follow, be watching the I-O.


PMC passes inspection with no deficiency

For the second year in a row the Pondera Medical Center Extended Care Unit (PMC-ECU) has passed and received a deficiency-free state inspection.

PMC-ECU Director and Chief Operation Officer, Tiffany Nitz gives full credit to her ECU staff for achieving this outstanding recognition.
Staff in the ECU includes PMC providers, the pharmacy, nurses, CNAs, the dietary crew, activities, housekeeping, engineering as well as the many PMC-ECU volunteers.

Mark Jones, PMC CEO commented, “Without the dedication and caring hard work of the staff we would not have been able to realize these accomplishments.”

He went on to add that he is very proud of the entire PMC staff.

One year without a deficiency is remarkable, but two years in a row is almost unheard of.