Memory Walk Gardens project begins at PMC

21_pmc-walkway_3310GARDEN WALK  — Crews have taken a break, but the Sensory Walk at the PMC-ECU is underway in the back of the hospital. Soon it will be filled with flowers and a long walk for residents and families to enjoy.  I-O photo by Buck Traxler




Nestled on the outskirts of Conrad behind Pondera Medical Center (PMC), The Memory Walk Gardens is part of an effort to create a space where people, young and old alike, can come together to play, relax and grow.

Meandering walking paths surrounding a playground will be easily accessible for residents living in PMC’s Extended Care Facility.

The playground will not only provide a much-needed place for children to play, it will create an opportunity for children and Elders to take part in activities and develop relationships.

The playground will be surrounded by walking paths, benches, raised sensory gardens, bird viewing areas, fountains and beautiful vistas. By creating a space that brings people and nature closer to those living in long-term care we hope to create a strong and vibrant community.

Work on the first phase of the sidewalks has begun with a large loop located directly outside the back patio. We have planned for five cement benches placed on evenly spaced pads around the walking loop.

These areas will allow for residents to rest while walking or to let others using the path pass by.

A playground is planned for the center of the walking loop where kids visiting the home can play while families enjoy the outdoor area.

Landscaping, ‘artscaping’ and sensory gardens will provide opportunities for everyone regardless of functioning level.

The next two phases of the project will connect the loop of Phase I with the west Clinic entrance and the EC northeast entrance which will make the sidewalk accessible from every hall in Extended Care.

By creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing outdoor area we hope to build a rich and meaningful world for those living in long-term care.

“As part of our fund-raising efforts we are asking for donations to help pay for sidewalks and benches. Donations of $150 will buy a sidewalk square or $650 will buy a cement bench,” says Cale Younce, the Activity Director at the PMC-ECU.

A permanent plaque will be placed in each donated bench and section of sidewalk with the name of the donor and who the donation was made in memory of.

Editor’s note: The original article was submitted by Cale Younce. If you are interested in donating money, time or material to the cause please contact Younce, or Tiffany Nitz, Director of Nursing at 271-3211.