Supporting CASA through license plates

21_plate-casaMontana vehicle owners can now help lift up the voice of Montana’s children.

Each year in Montana, nearly 1,200 abused and neglected children find themselves in the court system.

These children need safe, permanent homes and through the efforts of CASA of Montana and fifteen local CASA programs, their voices are not lost in the overburdened legal and social system.

By purchasing a CASA specialty license plate, vehicle owners can now truly give a “moving” gift to support the local CASA programs that help improve the lives of these vulnerable children.

“Being a voice for abused and neglected children is precisely what is at the heart of the job of CASA,” stated Schylar Canfield, President of CASA of Montana “Local volunteers and programs work to give children a voice in court for the purpose of finding the children a safe, permanent home.”

She goes on to say, “Funds raised through the purchase of license plates will help to fund local and state program efforts to ensure each child is connected with a trained CASA volunteer – an advocate who provides that voice, sharing in court both what the child wants and their own recommendation for what is in the child’s best interest.”

Ordering a plate can be done when you renew your registration at your local licensing office.

Specialty plates cost a set fee $45 and can be renewed annually.

The fee includes a $25 donation which will benefit the CASA program in the area where you purchase your plate.

“The plates are more than a show of support, they will be a substantial form of funding for good works,” remarked Kiersta Sullivan of Conrad, Front Range CASA/GAL, Inc. Executive Director at 406-576-7041.

The Front Range CASA program served 41 children last year with the assistance of 12 trained CASA volunteers.”

CASA’s specialty licensing plate will raise needed dollars to benefit Montana’s children who are most vulnerable.

The local CASA programs depend on local donations and volunteers.

Contacts are Sullivan and Schylar Canfield, President, CASA of Montana at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.