Commissioners approve budget, loan agreement with Port Authority

Commissioners, on a 3-0 vote, approved the final budget for Pondera County on Wednesday morning.

The mill value is in two parts, with one mill being $13,380 in each taxing jurisdiction in the county and one mill being $10,914 in the rural.

County wide, $4,399,519 was budgeted. Some of the funds include the general: $1,520,680; bridge $323,098; Comp Insurance $229,904; PMC $587,101; and Public Safety (PCSO) $1,039,739.

Voted levies include hospital debt service $212,200; the libraries $106,906; The Port Authority $61,737 and a Permissive Medical levy $67,168.

A Rural Fund includes roads $853,169; rural fire (regular levy) $147,402 and rural fire (voted levy) $20,894.

A number of the non-levied funds include gas apportionment tax $192,314; 911 Emergency $167,242, PILT $410,784; CDBG-Brady County Water and Sewer $450,000 and Brady lights $5,000; emergency snow removal $3,383.

Levied funds total $6,058,489 and non-levied funds total $2,496,224 for a grand total of $8,554,713.

In other business the commissioners moved to approve the loan agreement with the Pondera Port Authority (PA) for FY 2012-13.

Effective July 1, the county will loan the PA $14,926.50, the payment for Blue Sky Villa property.

The PA will submit to the commissioners a report on or before June 15, which will inform them of the uses of the funding, including the projects or businesses supported, and, if used as part of the revolving loan fund, the amount and terms of the loans and business support.

If the county determines the funding of the loan has been used to support local business and economic development, the county may forgive repayment of the loan and treat it as a transfer. It passed on a 2-0 vote.

The commissioners moved to approve an Extension Services agreement between MSU-Bozeman and the county.

In the agreement, the two entities will work co-operatively to provide the county with Ag and consumer science programs.

The commissioners reviewed the sufficiency of the official bonds of all county officials that are currently in force.

Upon determination that the surety coverage is in place by virtue of the county’s blanket bond coverage of $500,000 per occurrence for all elected officials, commissioner Joe Christiaens moved to deem the bonds sufficient. Commissioner Sandy Broesder seconded the motion and with the vote of Commissioner Cynthia Johnson, it passed on a 3-0 vote.

A tree trimming bid was accepted by the commissioners for trimming services at the county courthouse property. Two bids were received, one from Get ‘er Done Weist for $2,500 and the other from Wood’s Tree service of $6,375.

The commissioners moved to accept the bid from Get ‘er Done Weist.

There will be no meeting on Sept. 26. The commissioner will be attending the annual Conference of MACo.