Cardboard hot topic at recycling meeting

24_soccer_5246DETERMINATION  — Eilese Henke gives the ball a determined kick at the Oct. 1 soccer game.  I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal



The Pondera County Recycling Coalition met Sept. 13 in the EOC meeting room of the courthouse.

Chairman, LeAnn Hermance conducted the meeting.  She said, “Ron Collyer will have the cardboard collection container in the parade, not the baler.”

Collyer said, “32 bales have been made and estimated to be about 35,200 pounds.”   He said he will call for a truck at 39 bales and the bales will probably end up going to Georgia Pacific in Oregon.

The members discussed the different locations for the cardboard collection container in Conrad.

There has been some community concern over the hours not being convenient for those who work. The current hours for the City Public Works yard is Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The Town Pump and Mountain View Coop has offered to have the bin placed on their property and they both agreed to monitor the bin. However, after a discussion on the matter, it was agreed to leave the bin at the current location because it is a neutral location.

Hermance said, “Rich Anderson is willing to have this bin at the City yard, and they will monitor the site and let NMJRDD (North Montana Joint Refuse Disposal District) know when the bin needs to be picked up.  We cannot have this bin at the recycling center as we only lease the building, not any substantial ground area around the building.”

Hermance continued, “Our volunteers are already stretched to the limit and cannot be expected to monitor and clean up another collection site.  There is the one aluminum can collection bin on the east side of the building which so far, has not been a problem.”

The committee will move forward with installing electricity to the recycle building.

Hermance said, “They will allow us to hook into a circuit in the building to the west of the recycle building.”

Kronebush Electric will be hired to make sure that everything meets code.

Corrine Rose will visit with Custom Crop Care about a yearly fee for the additional electricity that will be used when she drops off the yearly rental check.

Carey Monahan was concerned with getting the building painted this fall.  She will work on that project.

Hermance said, “the Hub & Spoke grant is finished and all of the money spent.” She added, “We finalized and will order the promotional flyers to educate our area residents on cardboard, paper, aluminum and battery recycling opportunities which are now all available”

Collyer asked about the possibility of having a twice a month cardboard collection route in Conrad. “We did discuss that most business are still not recycling their cardboard and bounced around ideas to encourage them to haul at least their own cardboard to the landfill recycling center.”

The committee went on to discuss making an effort to haul all cardboard to the landfill in a specific month, possibly November, so they can show them how much they are actually throwing in the trash.

Monahan is going to talk to the Conrad School Board and try to push them to make recycling cardboard more of a priority.  Monahan and Hermance will be visiting with the Head Start kids about recycling and possibly attend a Conrad Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Collyer attended a DEQ meeting on Recycling Compliance and Integrated Waste Management Plan.

Rose attended a DEQ Rural Recycling Leaders meeting.  The Pondera County Recycling Coalition was presented with a Certificate of Recognition for Environmental Leadership Excellence.

Rose said, “I’d like to see some type of bulletin board located at the Center to post items of interest such as the DEQ award and collection amounts”

Rose added, “There is a state program, for college students, which would help them with tuition fees if they work for non-profit organizations.”  She said she will check into this program to see if we might be able to participate.