‘A lot of good things going on’

24_basket-poles_5199SUSPENDED  – Two crewmen sit in safety seats that are attached with a stout cable to a helicopter. They are installing the wire to the MATL line.  I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal



By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

“A lot of good things are going on in our town,” said  Mayor Wendy Judisch at the city council meeting on Monday evening.

That was her comment as she rattled off 10 residential building permits of home improvements and a couple of commercial projects.

The residential permits include a porch at 214 S. Minnesota, a deck and steps at 315 S. Iowa, a re-roofing project at 515 S. Illinois, another re-roofing at 508 N Virginia, a new sidewalk and driveway at 124 1st Ave. NW, new siding at 120 S. Virginia, re-roofing at 405 Sunset Blvd., a steel building at 707 S. Iowa, a re-roofing project at 2 S. Main.

And that’s not all, a new awning and sidewalk are going in at Ed’s Tavern on Front Street, a new section of sidewalk was put down at the Pondera Funeral Home and the start of a covered walkway at the Pondera Medical Center was approved.

In a monthly report, Public Works Director Rich Anderson said crews were trimming trees, hydrants (160) have been flushed, restrooms in the park have been winterized and the water plant looks good.

Anderson also noted that, “Oct. 15 is alley Clean-Up Day.”  City crews will be hitting the alleys to take away your “unwanted” junk and save you a trip to the dump site.

Call the city office, 271-3623, for more details and restrictions on such items as tires and refrigerators or air conditioners with Freon still in them.

Chief Gary Dent reported that his department received 224 calls in September.

In part, there were five suspicious persons, eight domestic situations, nine alarms, three thefts reported, 18 assists, 13 citations, five assists to the PCSO, calls on PMFA were up and there are seven dogs and four cats in the pound.

Councilmen Ron Widhalm and Drew Lesnik, along with Agnes Fowler were added to the audit selection committee.

The first change order for the sludge removal project was approved, not to exceed $38,000. The measure passed on a 4-0 vote.

Council members passed R-13 which deals with the state surplus auction and gives the city cooperative purchasing power.

Covenants for the new Industrial Park were approved by the aldermen. “Approval of these makes them final,” said the mayor. They have made their way past the lot owners at the Park, engineers, the city attorney and now the council on a 4-0 vote.

The council meets every first and third Monday in city hall at 411-1/2 S. Main Street at 7:30 p.m.

However, because of remodeling at city hall, the next meeting will be moved to either the Conrad Library or Norley Hall. Be watching the I-O for a notice.

The public is always invited to attend these meetings and see their government at work.