Burning ban lifted in county

26_leyes_3699HANGING UP THE HOSE  — Conrad Volunteer Fireman Mark Leys, pictured with his wife Arlene, retired after serving 32 years with the department. There was a special gathering of firemen at the Fire Hall on Saturday to recognize Leys and then a retirement dinner at the Moose Lodge followed.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




In light of the recent moisture the county has received and with the forecast to continue on into the winter months, Commissioner Joe Christiaens moved to lift all open burning restrictions in the county.

With a second from Chairman Cynthia Johnson, the motion passed on a vote of 2-0.

Commissioner Sandra Broesder was away on county business.

Johnson and Christiaens also talked about the input received at two public hearings regarding a new ordinance prohibiting water on county roads.

Commissioners indicated earlier language would be inserted to include enforcement of the ordinance.

The proposed ordinance will be amended by adding language saying: This ordinance will be amended by adding language to the enforcement phrase as follows: “This ordinance shall be enforced by the Pondera County Sheriff’s Department pursuant to the irrigation water on county roads’ policy as prepared by the Pondera County Commissioners.”

The amended resolution will be published as required by Montana law.

Another hearing is not required. The first reading of the ordinance was conducted at Tuesday’s regular meeting. The second reading will be on Oct. 31.

An individual convicted under this ordinance may be fined up to $100 or be imprisoned in the county jail for a term not to exceed 30 days, or both.

Any restitution will be considered by the court and each day of a violation of this ordinance shall constitute a separate offense.

The first reading was adopted and passed on a 2-0 vote. The ordinance will go into effect upon passage and approval after the second reading.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend and see their government at work.