Cardboard recycling going great guns

28_cardboard_1000DWARFED BY THE BALES  — Nolan and McKayla Seidler stand in the corner of the cardboard bales, 22 tons, Conrad has collected and baled, ready to send to recycling.  Photo courtesy of Carey Monahan




When cardboard recycling started in the late spring, it was hard to imagine where we would be by now.

Ron Collyer of the Northern Montana Joint Refuge Disposal District (NMJRDD) reports there are now 44,000 pounds of cardboard, or 22 tons that are making up 40 bales ready to be hauled.

The program is growing steadily and in an effort to expand and get all businesses on board, Mayor Wendy Judisch will proclaim November as Cardboard Recycling Awareness Month at the city council meeting on Nov. 5.

“We are asking that every business in town join this effort by having one employee responsible for hauling their corrugated cardboard in once a week during the month,” Carey Monahan tells the I-O.

She will be trying to visit each business in Conrad delivering information on the program and urging them to participate.

The container for cardboard collection is in place at the city public works yard just north and across the road from Van Motors.

The hours are from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Collyer also noted that there are three containers, one in Conrad, one in Shelby and the other that is used for rotating.

He would like to get two additional bins made this winter, one which will be placed in Valier and the other at a location in Conrad that has not yet been named.

“With the holiday’s right around the corner, it is a great time for everyone to make cardboard recycling a habit,” said Monahan, “it will benefit the entire community.”