Business Spotlights Windrift Hill

28_goat_soap_5360WINDRIFT HILL  — The new look and interior of Windrift Hill.  Andrea Hofstad stands in the recently remodeled retail area. They feature items from local vendors, as well as Montana made items. I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal

By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

The products in the Windrift Hill store are not just made in the U.S.A., but in Montana, and most products are made right here in Conrad.

Windrift Hill’s new location is located at 120 Main, on the corner of Main Street and Second Street across from Frontline Ag.

Dick and Deena Maier, along with their daughter and two sons run this family business in Conrad.

Making hand soaps and other milk products since 2002, they’ve now decided to expand to their new Conrad storefront on Main Street.

Deena Maier, who was an occupational therapist, saw people struggling with skin problems that medications didn’t seem to help.

Maier said, “After doing some research, I discovered goat’s milk was considered a great natural therapy for skin problems and began making goat’s milk soap in my kitchen.”

She added, “The homemade soaps and lotions not only smell delicious, they are actually good for your skin.”

Goat’s milk is a natural moisturizer, high in protein and minerals with vitamins that are easily absorbed into the skin.  Maier said, “It only made sense to use it for skin products”.

Windrift Hill raises about 40 Nubian goats. The Nubian goats are hand-milked twice a day to ensure high-quality milk for their Windrift Hill products.

Kids are bottle-fed to ensure their good health and their human attachment.

Healthy goats produce healthy milk and that translates into nice healthy skin and hair.

Aside from their wonderful array of scented soaps, lotions and bath products, the new store will also handle various local and Montana made products.

From handmade unique designed jewelry to hats, beer bread mix and garlic, the new Windrift Hills store carries it.  If you are looking for a unique product, a handmade or specialty item, you can likely find what you need at Windrift Hills.

Windrift Hill opened their new store for business during Harvest Festival in October with plans to have a grand opening sometime this December. Their phone number is 278-5872.

Watch the I-O for further information and details about the grand opening.