Meadowlark second graders and pumpkin facts

PUMPKIN INSPECTOR  —  Meadowlark second-grader Jarrett Kulpas inspects a pumpkin under a magnifying glass, in a recent field trip to the DeVries pumpkin patch.   Photo courtesy of Elementary Principal Greg Jensen




The second graders at Meadowlark Elementary discovered a lot of facts about those October pumpkins.

Could you accurately estimate how many seeds are in a pumpkin? What about the weight of a pumpkin or its circumference? Do pumpkins sink or do they float and why? What does the inside of a pumpkin look like using a microscope? These were just some of the questions and tasks put to the second graders at Meadowlark Elementary.

Second graders took a quick bus ride to Mabel and Ivan DeVries farm where they picked out a pumpkin and saw where it was grown.

Mabel DeVries said, “I only really grow the pumpkins for the schools.”

Students worked together to measure, sort and experiment with pumpkins throughout the week of Halloween.
At the end of their trip they not only got some questions answered, but they were even able to make a Pumpkin Buddy to bring home at the end of the unit.

Editor’s note: This information provided courtesy of Principal Greg Jensen. He can be reached at 271-5251.