Thanksgiving is past and we’re thankful

By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

A flurry of activities begin the holiday season, first with the preparation for the Thanksgiving Day dinner, and then the Christmas rush with all the festivities and decorating.

The last bit of turkey is gone. The mess has been hauled out, dishes are washed, the turkey platter is put away until Christmas, and all the relatives have gone home.  Thank goodness.

Preparations for Christmas begin in earnest and people tend to get a bit cranky, and yet by nature, many people say Christmas is their favorite time of year. 

Despite the colder temperatures, icy roads and cabin fever that sets in, we reinforce the belief to anyone who will listen that the Christmas season is the best season of the year.

Special handmade ornaments appear for decorating homes and the tree, mistletoe is hung, songs are sung and Christmas cards are sent.

Handmade fudge, Christmas cookies and mugs of cocoa and eggnog are ingested with regularity, despite those earlier attempts at weight loss, which now become our New Year’s resolutions.  

Children are always on their best behavior, in theory.  Stars at night seem more vivid and bright, at least when it’s not snowing and despite freezing temperatures, we manage to somehow find the true Christmas spirit, at least we make a resolute effort.

As the holidays rush over us and reminiscing begins many people are glad it’s almost over. Some say Christmas is too stressful or too commercial. 

At this point, I pause and wonder why does it have to all be so stressful, so mixed with commercialism? And realize it doesn’t.  No humbug here.

This year I’m going to enjoy the season with all the frivolity, and trimming, complete with family.

In fact, if someone asked what my favorite time of the year would be, I’d say, well Christmas season of course.