Education board meeting talks softball cooperative

HEMINGWAY VISITS CONRAD  —  Prairie View School teacher Kim Hofstad stands beside Edward Hemingway holding her autographed copy of Bad Apple, Hemingway’s newest children’s book. The youngest grandson of the famous Ernest Hemingway was autographing books and visiting friends this past week in Conrad.  I-O Photo by Tirsea McNeal





By Tirsea McNeal, I-O Reporter

Although it’s just the beginning of winter, a Conrad High School (CHS) Girls softball cooperative was discussed during this month’s education board meeting.

A decision will not be made immediately, but the prospect and a few details were given by Jim Carroll, Transportation Director and Athletic Director. “Choteau is proposing this cooperative. It would be a three-year commitment,” he said.

The Conrad CHS girls have enough to play both JV and varsity at present, and Caroll said, “The cooperative would probably add one to two girls in the beginning, possibly more in a year or two, and at that time it might impact or cause issues with displacement, but initially, it wouldn’t be an issue.”

Concerning cost, Carroll said, “It wouldn’t incur any additional cost for Conrad.  Cost wise it wouldn’t impact us at all.”

The proposal for now remains undecided.

Guest Pete Hetherington, from Commercial Energy gave the board an opportunity to take part in setting prices on natural gas for the district for the next 18 months. With the large amount of natural gas reserves and current lower prices, Hetherington told the board of the potential savings for locking in prices for an 18-month period.

CHS student Megan Fowler was recognized for her many service work projects.  Fowler is the pep band president and was honored for her great leadership and school spirit. 

Prairie View School (PVS) student Carson Bitney was recognized by teacher Kim Hofstad who said, “Carson’s leadership is evident on the playground and in the classroom.” 

Hofstad also said, “Carson excels in reading and has an excellent sense of responsibility. He sets high standards for himself and is involved in several sports, but takes time to always help others.”

Meadowlark School recognized Brady Barnhill.  His teachers said he is a great role model for his classmates.

Barnhill was acknowledged for his competitive spirit and his hard work in the classroom. Teachers agree he has a great attitude and in every situation acts with respect and integrity.

Utterback Middle School (UMS) recognized two new students to our district. Both have stepped up and provided good leadership in their school. Megan Weis is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and Blake Broesder has made a positive impact with his classmates out on the football field and the hallways of the school.

Bert Paulson, UMS was recognized for his outstanding work ethics and citizenship. Paulson helped this last fall with registering new students.

CHS Student Body President Faith Dyrud said they had fundraisers for two students around the state who’ve encountered some physical challenges through recent injuries.  One student attends school in Glasgow, and the other is a student at Huntley Project.

Joylynn Petrosky introduced students Morgan Fowler, Taylour Russell and Skylar Shirley who gave a presentation on the activities and community service projects they participated in during the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.

Principal Greg Jensen, PVS said, “Our in-service on ‘Using Data to Inform Reading Instruction’ went very well.  We had 25 staff members who volunteered.”

The healthy snack machine was removed and Jone Janzen has volunteered to run a healthy snack store with the proceeds going to the track and field t-shirts.

At UMS, Principal Tara Thielman said, “We had good participation of National Walk To School Day Oct. 3, although the weather was cold and wet.”

She also said, “Ten UMS students participated at the Montana Behavioral Initiative (MBI) Youth Days Nov. 4-5, held in Great Falls.” She said students attended the Children’s Museum, the Rescue Mission and Goodwill as part of the MBI program.