MFU honors centennial farmers

CENTENNIAL FARMERS  —  At the recent annual Farmer Union’s convention, six agricultural families were honored for having land in their family for 100 years or more. From our area, The Armstrong Ranch of Brady was recognized. From the left are the Montana Farmers Union Representative, Lawrence and Betty Styren, Riley, Karla, Zack and Del Styren.  Photo courtesy of the Montana Farmers Union




At the Montana Farmers Union’s (MFU) 97th annual meeting and convention, MFU recognized and honored six agricultural families whose land holdings have been in their family for 100 years or more. 

The MFU member families were introduced and presented with an engraved plaque at the MFU Members’ Banquet recently in Great Falls.

The MFU Centennial Farms and Ranches honored include:

Armstrong Ranch, Brady – Lawrence and Betty Styren and family.

Thomas & Emily Bronec Farm, Geraldine – John & Mary Ann Bronec and family.

Mueller Farm/Ranch, Chinook – Louise Lorenzen and family.

Forrest & Anna Rutledge Farm, Big Sandy – Kelly & Kristie Rutledge and family.

Rutledge/Weller Farm, Big Sandy – Ruth & Angus Merrill and family.

John Shettel Farm, Chester – Lela Didier and family.

In the mid-1990s, MFU began recognizing and honoring agriculture producers whose land holdings have been in their family for 100 years or more.  Since that time, 136 century-old farms and ranches have been honored at the MFU annual convention.